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Wins from people eating Raw Food!

We at e Learn Aid have been selling the book We Want to Live by Aajonus Vonderplantiz for years.   I have seen results from the raw food diet recommended in the book that I wanted to let you know about. This is an old story but I never sent it out in an email before. So here it is!

The state of California is one of the few states in the country were raw unpasteurized milk can legally be sold for human consumption. However, a bill had been passed as in 2007 that created difficult standards for the framers and retailers. The two raw milk farms did not believe they could comply and continue to sell raw milk.

One member of the California Agricultural committee was incensed because the bill had been streamlined line through the legislature as a uncontested procedural bill. Assembly woman Nicole Parra had been the head of the committee and had overseen this. However, she was not told that the two raw milk diaries in the state did not know about the bill and that was the only reason it was not contested. She actually got up in front of the committee and said that she had been misinformed about the bill. She stated she had wrongly recommended the committee vote for it and insisted that a wrong had been committed and need to be rectified now. It was an inspiring moment. I never thought I would see a publicly elected official omitting she had done something wrong and fighting to do something about it. If you would like to see her speech go to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jDh6Oqw7ZEs

If you are going to listen CDFA is the Calfornia Department of Food and Agriculture

Two friends and I  were in the public seating area. One of the friends was an 83-year old neighbor of mine who testified she had gown up on raw milk. My other friend got up and said the three of us had left early in the morning and drove up from Los Angeles to Testify in support of raw milk. I was in the upper gallery and was not allowed to testify. All visitors seats were taken on the main floor and in the gallery and there was overflow into the hallway! It was also inspiring to see how much support raw milk had!

On the way back the 83 year old neighbor heard me and my friend talking about raw food. She was fascinated and wanted to know what we were into. So I sold her both of Aajonus' books We Want to Live and Recipe for Living Without Disease . Within a few days she started eating raw food. She had a slow tottering walk. It was almost painful to watch her and here skin was dry like paper and would tear open at the slightest provocation. Within two weeks her walk looked almost normal and when I asked her about her skin she said it does not tear open any more. Within three weeks she looked ten years younger.

Another neighbor came back for a visit to a medical clinic with swollen red arms and legs and was barely getting out of bed. The medical doctors had assumed she had a horrible communicable disease. They had put her on antibiotics. Then they told her she did not have a communicable disease and they really did not know what was wrong with her. Both myself and another neighbor were very concerned about her. So we concocted a banana smoothie with raw milk and raw eggs. I put a lot of honey in it to disguise the taste of the raw eggs. My neighbor took it over and told her what was in it. She drank it anyway and liked it but complained that it was too sweat! My neighbor and I had a good laugh on that.

I continued to make the smoothies for her and got her to read Aajonus's books. She did and demanded to see him which she did. She was put on a custom diet by Aajonus. For a few days I helped her by preparing her vegetable juice but within a week she was able to prepare the juice herself and the swelling went down in her arms.

Within a month her arms looked normal and a radiance had returned to her face. Her legs are still recovering.

I started to eat raw food in 2002. Hiking mountain trails is a recreation I love but my body had started to just shut down and despite lots of supplements this kept happening. Now I can go on a long mountain hike with no problems and I do not have to train for it either.

So if you are concerned about your health or longevity and would be willing to eat raw food to improve it I encourage you to read We Want to Live. For more information go to https://www.elearnaid.com/wewanttolive.html

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