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College Dictionary and Thesaurus on CD-ROM

1931102880  US$5.00, 10 for US$40.00  

Sorry the publisher's contract expired and this CD can not be purchased by itself. However, you can purchase the CD with a the hardback dictionary.This CD is sold as a no-name dictionary but actually it contains the contents of a well know College Dictionary and Thesaurus. At this price the publisher has asked us not to disclose the full name of the product. This is a very good dictionary at a very low price!

This dictionary is known for fairly simple and easy-to-understand definitions and it installs to disk so it is always available.

"The prior edition is my most favorite dictionary for my own reference and studies. I bought a copy for every computer I use -- at work and home -- and have several hardback copies as well. For me, this dictionary is very easy-to-use and gives me full and complete definitions. When I need to look up a word with an obscure usage or special idiom, I can find it in this dictionary 99% of the time without having to resort to an unabridged dictionary." R. L.

"This College Dictionary is one that has by far the best roots and synonym studies of any Dictionary of the college level that I have seen. It gives Sanskrit roots that are in many cases quite wonderful.

This dictionary has enabled me to communicate to others in a positive and certain way like no other. I use many dictionaries, but this is the mainstay for me."
   F. Z., Los Angeles, California

Click here for a sample screen from the CD.

    System Requirements:
  • PC Compatible Pentium processor recommended
  • Windows 95, 98, ME, XP (We tested it on XP and it worked.)
  • 32 MB RAM 100 MB HD
  • 800 * 600 pixel monitor resolution 16 bit high color
  • CD-ROM drive
  • Sound Card
  • Mouse
  • Keyboard

From the publisher:

Quick and easy to use, this dictionary and thesaurus CD-ROM allow you to simply click on a word to find its definitions and list of synonyms. The smart search engine enables you to find words without knowing he exact spelling, and the spell checker database is fully expandable. With over 500,000 definitions, synonyms, and antonyms, and a bonus file of ready to-use letter templates, this state of the art dictionary and thesaurus exceeds expectations!

    Features:The Official Dictionary of the Associated Press
  • Over 500,000 definitions, synonyms and antonyms
  • Find definitions or synonyms for word with one click!
  • Locate the right word, even if you can't spell it
  • Expand your spell checker to recognize business terms, place names, and tens of thousands of new words.
  • Works with Word processors, spreadsheets, e-mail and most other applications, Just click a word to get the definition.

We now have several excellent dictionaries on CD that are real bargains. Don't depend on just one dictionary when you can have several different dictionaries to consult when you are not sure about the definition or think there might be a missing definition. Because the Random House is an unabridged dictionary we recommend you get it also. The Concise is an excellent British Dictionary.

These make great inexpensive gifts. Encourage your friends to better understand what they study by looking up words. These can also be given to your children’s teacher or their school. if you order three the price is only $4.50 each. If you order 10 the price is only 4.00 each.

ISBN: 1931102880

Software: Version 2.0 -1998, Build # 25

1,001 Letters
Take the uncertainty out of letter writing with Snap! 1,001 Letters, the essential software collection of correspondence templates. Covering everything from complaints to contracts; press releases to prospective employers, these 1,001 letter blueprints lay down the foundations for effective written communication. Step- by-Step instructions allow you to find the correct stencil for your needs, customize it according to your instructions, and save, print, or email your finished product. Features:

Over a Thousand Blueprints: Consumer, Employment, Complaint, and Legal Letters - even Business Forms

On-screen Explanations & Suggested Template Uses

Easy, Customizable "Fill-in-the-Blanks" Personalization & Substitutions System Requirements for Windows:

PC Compatible (Pentium processor recommended) Windows 95 and higher
  • 32MB RAM
  • 100MB HD
  • CD-ROM drive
  • Printer (Optional)

Click here for a sample screen from 1,001 Letters.

Please note you have to manually install 1,001 letters. From the start menu, click on run and then type D:/1001/setup.exe

College Dictionary and Thesaurus on CD-ROM 1931102880  US$5.00, 10 for US$40.00  

Webster's New World College Dictionary (Hardcover)
Webster's New World College Dictionary (Hardcover)

List price: US$23.95
Sale price: US$16.49
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Crossword puzzle

Sheldon Wilson, a customer, created this crossword puzzle with help from this dictionary. It is in PDF file format. Enjoy! (Note: If your browser displays this puzzle as a blank page, then clicking REFRESH may help to display it.)

Another crossword puzzle

Try another crossword puzzle from Sheldon Wilson.

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