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Preschool Readers, Sunland/Tujunga , California - Teaching preschool children to read!

Wee Readers is for those younger kids who would like to read their story or what you see fit books and are ready to take on the experience of learning to read and write. I teach pre-school children to read with the use of phonics (learning the sounds of the letters).

In my experience of teaching young children to read I discovered from them a strong willingness to learn when left to their own determinism do to so. This is something that can be nurtured when presented in a fun and playful way; when there is a good balance between theory and practical use of the material they are learning. The overwhelming of a young mind with only the written symbol and given no use of what they have just been "taught", not learned, could give the child the idea that learning to read is really not any fun and has no use in their lives and so abandons the idea to learn to read. This idea could very easily flow into other subjects as they enter the arena of an educational institution which presents subjects that they may have difficulty trying to read, let alone try to comprehend.

Learning to read is the beginning of learning how to learn. With the foundation in place any subject can be learned, understood and most importantly applied. Having a purpose for learning anything is vital to having the ability to apply it.

With my special ability for teaching young children to read and write, I duplicate their understanding and ability to grasp what they can at their level of comprehension. I continually praise them for their effort with sincere admiration.

The alphabet is learned; the name of the letter and its sound. Along with this your child learns how to hold a pencil, mastering certain movements to get the feel and idea of how to form various shapes with the result of he or she being able to write the words they will be learning. Both these actions will help your child to be an observer (looking at the letter or word) and a doer (learning to write what they are reading). By both reading and writing, they are more involved in the learning process. I keep the process fun and exciting using various games that strengthen their knowledge of what they have learned. Even more excitement happens when letters are put together (keeping phonics rules) that form words that the child can read and write. I use the word “excitement” because that is what happens when the child realizes that he or she can form letters that have a meaning and conveys an idea and can be read and written.

Parent’s Success Stories!

The first day you started teaching my son to read, starting with the alphabet, he came home so excited that he understood what a “letter” was and what it was used for. I never learned that in school myself and I became brighter just having that little bit of information. Thanks Penelope. LE, parent

When I came to pick up my son he ran to me very excited, jumping up and down and running around. He told me that he read his first book and quickly got the book to show me. I could see that he was very proud of his accomplishment and I was very happy that he felt the way he did about reading. Thank you Penelope, for your patients and ability to teach these young ones to read. FM, parent

I wish I could go back and learn to read and write the way you teach it. Sure I can do it now but it was never fun as you have made it for my girl. I love it when I am reading a book to her and she stops me to point out a letter or a word that he knows. This is a lot of fun for him and a real joy for me. AE, parent

The ability to read with comprehension is core to learning any subject. Give your child a good start that will keep them winning in their future studies. Start your child on a route to confidence and competence that will give you the joy in knowing he or she can happily make it on their own in the future.

Schedule is: Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Closed Nov. 23rd to 27th and Dec. 21st to Jan.1st, 2010.

    Hours of service are:
    8:45 – 9:451:00 – 2:00
    10:00 – 11:00   2:15 – 3:15
    11:15 – 12:15 

A block of 20 hours minimum is required with the rate determined by the number of wee ones in the group:

Per hour:

      1 wee one: $35 per child
      2 wee ones: $30 per child (saving $100 from 1)
      3 wee ones: $25 per child (saving $100 from 2 & $200 from1)

The wee one is to attend one hour a day Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday for best results. If a day needs to be made up, it will need to be on either the Monday before or the Monday after and at a time that is available. If in a group, all must be absent the same day and all in attendance for the make up day. I offer the group environment because some children work better with their peers and in a group.

Located in Tujunga, California, I service the Foothills which include Sunland, Crescenta Highlands, Briggs Terrace, Glendale, Whiting Woods, Montrose, La Canada, and Flintridge.

For an appointment please call (818) 353-1512 or (818) 426-0891 or Email Me! www.elearnaid.com/weereaders.html

Penelope Ahlroth, Tutor Learn to Read – Read to Learn

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