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Technical Tip (PCs): Putting your reference books together in one folder.

If you have the disk space we recommend that you have several dictionaries installed on you hard drive. A great way to organize them is to put all of your dictionaries, encyclopedias, atlases, and any other reference software you have in the top folder of your start menu. That way you can reference them by hitting the key with windows flag on it and then hitting the down arrow once and hitting return. Instantly you have the full menu of all of your reference tools available and you can pick the best one for you current needs. It is really handy!

I do this is with the program called explore which lets you explore the file structure on your disk drive. To start this program right click on start and select explore. Look for a file called Start Menu. For Windows systems that are set up for multiple users (Windows XP home edition allows this) there are several Start Menus and you would want to edit the one in your own personal directory. Just open up the start menu right click in the right window and select add folder. Name the folder “Reference”. Then drag and drop the programs from other places in your start menus to this new folder.

Microsoft also offers a program designed to customize your start menu. It is available in the control panel in Windows XP. For versions of Windows other than XP it is possibly in other places.

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