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Tech Support Data on COBUILD Advanced Learner Dictionary 3rd edtion on CD-ROM III, v1 - ISBN: 000710884 2


Product Description
This new edition of the acclaimed Collins COBUILD on CD-ROM offers you an unrivalled guide to the English language today. Much more than just an electronic dictionary, it includes the following components:
  • Collins COBUILD Enlgish Dictionary for Advanced Learners
  • Collins COBUILD Guide to English Usage
  • Collins COBUILD English Grammar
  • A wordbank of 5 million words of authentic, up-to-date text samples (written and spoken) taken from the Bank of English corpus
  • A Thesaurus containing over 130,000 synonyms
  • Over 67,000 high quality audio pronunciations of all headwords, inflected forms, compounds and derived words
Installation Requirements - PC
IBM compatible PC
80486 Intel compatible processor or above
Windows 95*/98/NT/2000/ME
Minimum 16Mb RAM
CD-ROM drive
50Mb free hard disk space, with audio on CD-ROM and 600Mb for full installation
Windows compatible sound card

Headphones or speakers
* This product will not install onto the very early versions of Windows 95
Technical Support for this product
Known Technical Support Issues
Can this program be used alongside the old version of Cobuild on CD-ROM?
Yes, you can use this program alongside the older version of Cobuild on CD-ROM but, if you had previously installed the entire older version, using our instructions given on the COBUILD on CD-ROM page of this site, then you cannot install the newer version entirely and use them both simlutaneously. You will need to uninstall the older version (deleting all the files copied from the CD-ROM), deleting a file in your Windows Directory called COBUILD.ini. You can then reinstall it and use the program from the CD-ROM.
Why should you get an error message when trying to install the program?
If you are running an older version of Windows 95 then you will get an error message when attempting to install the first version of this program. It will carry these details in part of it: The SETUP.EXE file is linked to missing export KERNEL32.DLL:GetDiskFreeSpaceExA. Should this occur then we can only advise you to update your Windows installation.

You may also get an error message that reads: Error: Missing setup program. Should this occur then you will need to cancel the setup and open your My Computer icon on your Desktop. Then (with the Cobuild CD-ROM in your CD-ROM drive) RIGHT MOUSE click over the CD-ROM icon and select 'Explore' (NOT Open). This will open the contents of your Cobuild CD-ROM without allowing the autorun to start. Then double-click on the Setup.exe file. Should you continue to have problems then please
Is it possible to integrate this product into Microsoft Word?
No, this is not possible with the current (first) release, but with the next release of the product this facility will be included. You can, of course, copy and paste to your document from the Dictionary. Should you wish to discuss this please contact

English Roman characters display strangely when using non-English versions of MS Windows
This can be rectified by changing the character set in your Windows Registry. Please click here for instructions.

Why is it not possible to copy and paste sentences or phrases - only single words or whole entries?
In response to this query COBUILD released this statement - "In order to preserve the integrity of the Collins Cobuild Dictionary entries and to serve as a reminder that the text of the Dictionary, Grammar, Thesaurus, and Usage Guide are copyright of Collins Cobuild, the copy & paste function will only operate on a complete dictionary entry. The publisher intends to discourage users from taking out-of- context excerpts which may be misleading if reproduced or republished without careful consideration."

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