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Success! Tutoring, Burbank, California (CA)

Vicky Salcido, Senior Consultant, has over 15 years experience in the field of education. With her strong purpose to help people she has introduced the families of well over 900 children to the Study Technology and many of the students and families she has worked with throughout the years still tell her how much they appreciate her help and care. They also continue to send her updates on how well their children are doing in their education years after she initially worked with them.

Vicky's husband, Armando Salcido is the Executive Director. He has over 20 years experience working with businesses to help them expand and increase their level of success.

The two of them working together are having a continuously increasing impact on their local community by providing tutoring services to more and more families. They currently have a team of 14 tutors that work with students of all ages and in all subjects. Some of the tutors specialize in K-12 reading and math while others specialize in higher mathematics, foreign languages, and test preparation such as the SAT and others. Combined, the team of tutors have well over 250 years of teaching or tutoring experience.

Regardless of the learning or study problem you may be faced with, Success! Tutoring can help handle the situation. Vicky will work to match you with the perfect tutor

Call us at 818-557-7379 today and mention this ad for a free consultation.

Surrounding areas: Atwater, Burbank Junction, Gamsey, Hewitt, Magnolia Park, McNeil, La Paco, North Glendale, North Hollywood, Studio City, Sun Valley, Toluca Lake, West Glendale, Universal City, West Toluca Lake Our tutoring room is stocked so that all materials and references needed during the tutoring session are at hand!

Type of student: Children or adults. English as a Second Language services also.

Subjects: All, but specialize in math and reading. Supervised children at the largest study technology school in Southern California for 10 years, while also tutoring children after school and weekends. Extensive training and experience in working with children and in the field of education. Licensed.

I can help your child become a more independent, confident and successful student. My tutoring methods help improve children's ability to read, understand and apply anything!

Contact us at:
Success! Tutoring
1825 W. Verdugo Ave., Suite F
Burbank, CA 91506

or call 818-557-7379.

Successes from students and parents:

The mother of one of our students called in today to let us know her daughter just got her SAT scores back. She got almost a perfect score. (She got 2360 out of a possible 2400!) She also got 5's on all of her AP exams. (A 5 is the highest score possible.) She was extremely thrilled and you can bet she'll be telling others about our services. Well done to her tutor, Brian!

Note: AP stands for “Advanced Placement.”

"“My grades were slipping in calculus, my weakest subject. After tutoring with Brian I improved greatly. We took a cumulative quiz in class that was the actual AP test from several years ago. After we got it back, our teacher said there was one test with a score of 100% in the whole class. When she passed out the tests, I found that I was the one that got the 100%. I was very proud of myself." J

"Dear Success Tutoring. Thank you for tutoring me on fractions, division and multiplication. I feel ready and confident for the 4th grade."

"Now Algebra seems to be so much easier for me. Tutoring is kinda fun!"

"I was failing math in school and I felt nobody could help me. Then I came here and I passed my class with a B. I couldn't have done it without this place. Thank you."

"My daughter is now a freshman in college and she was accepted into one of the best schools in the country. Our family is grateful for all that Success Tutoring did for her, and we think the world of Success Tutoring."

"What makes Success Tutoring different from other tutoring places is that you go the extra mile. You have a genuine passion for helping children and an unwavering dedication to their success.

My son did another reading program over the summer and it was totally different. Now, at Success Tutoring, my son has definitely gained confidence. I see results in his reading. It shows in how you have gotten him from just knowing his letters to reading words! He initiates doing his homework now where it used to be a two hour event. His tutor, Wendy, really likes to help and I can see that she cares for him. Most of all she sees the potential in him.

It shows that you hire tutors that care and know how to get results. They really get the kids learning using excellent tools and I can tell that your tutors don’t see what they do as just a job. They really care.

What I have seen is that your method of tutoring is very practical, not just theory. Success Tutoring is in a league of its own. The Study Technology you showed me when we first started is truly workable – I see that it gets results.

This is how I feel and I wanted to let you know.

Thank you,


Subject: Spanish "My son is doing very well this year in Spanish!"

Subject: Math "This year I got into advanced math class. I've never done this before. I did this because of my tutor's help."

Subject: Summer review of reading, numbers and letters. "Just a quick note to let you know how happy and thankful my family is with Success! Tutoring. We appreciate the tutor's patience and caring for my son. She certainly raised the excellence standard. When my son does his homework from school, and he doesn't do it right, all I have to say is ....'Do you think your tutor will approve this?', of course the answer is 'No' so he just erases his homework and does it again and does it right. My son is not only able to identify the letters of the alphabet correctly, but he is reading beautifully and numbers are no longer a problem for him. Thank you, Vicky, for providing such a wonderful environment."

Subject – Math "Just the other day, my daughter was trying to do a subtraction problem and it wasn’t making sense how her teacher showed her to do it. Then she realized she could use what her tutored showed her and she immediately finished her math homework."

Subject – Phonics repair "My son is doing fine now. He just passed his first spelling test 20 out of 20 words and got 17 out of 20 sentences right. I’m very happy. He’s come a long way. Thank you for all you did."

Subject – Reading and Writing "Reading and language arts are becoming my favorite subjects!" (He told his tutor that he was easily writing in class now)

Subject – Math "My daughter's tutor is the greatest tutor ever! He has helped her in the greatest way. My daughter thinks that he is very funny and makes tutoring exciting. She looks forward to seeing him every week."

Subject – Algebra "My tutor helped me a lot. He explained the information good and clear. He showed me useful shortcuts. He went over each step that I’d need to know, to understand the information."

Subject – Algebra "My tutor has only been working with me for a few weeks so far and she has already boosted my confidence quite a bit. I appreciate her quiet approach to teaching. I am positive I will reach my goal with her help."

Following are a few recent Success Stories from some of our younger students or their parents:

“My son has been coming to see his tutor for about two months now. The improvement is amazing. His confidence has improved greatly. It seems that he “gets it” so much better now. He actually wants to do his homework. Within two weeks of starting, he got a 100 on his vocabulary and spelling test. We are seeing continued improvement every week. Thanks!” (Mother of second grade student.)

“My son is doing wonderful at school thanks to his tutor. He is reading and he is so happy about that. We are all happy. Thank you so much. We love you!” (Mother of first grade student.)

“I got an award because I have been doing good in my school. It is called ‘Principal’s award for the area of Academics’. I’m really, really happy!” (Second grade student. The Award was: Most Improved in Academics.)

Following is a recent Success Story written by the mother of a high school student:

“My son started getting tutoring from Bob on algebra about three weeks ago. It was a subject he was weak in and didn’t like but one that was required for him to be able to finish high school in order to study music, which he is really interested in.

When I came to pick him up after his first session with Bob I heard laughter and conversation about algebra. He left the session smiling and very happy about the subject. A few sessions later I waited 15 minutes while my son, Bob and another math tutor discussed how multiplying a negative with a positive number results in a negative amount. What was great about this was that my son was showing a great interest in how algebra can really be used and he was looking for proof that was real and not just theoretical.

I’m very happy with how well my son’s tutoring is progressing and feel this is a great investment because it is opening doors to learning for my son that otherwise would have remained firmly closed.

Thank you, Bob. Your kind, patient interest and ability to make a subject real to the student are greatly appreciated. My son is really enjoying being tutored and is beginning to even like algebra!”

Learning How to Learn (softcover)
Learning How to Learn (softcover)

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