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Study Skills (Effective Learning Skills that improve understanding, reading levels and test scores)

These books teach how to study with interest, understanding and have enough certainty so you can apply the data!

Just reading any of these books and having the data is very useful. The more you apply the data the better you will do. As you try it you will see that it works. Then if you apply it more you will become a better student, more literate and smarter. Here are examples:

This father was worried his son might not graduate high school. His son had been put in a special school for failing high school students. The principal told the father that his son would be lucky if he graduated six months late. The father got the Learning How to Learn book for his son. Son reads the book and says, "So what Dad!" He had his son read Learning How to Learn three times! The son gets out of the special school and enrolls in adult night school and graduates only 1 month late! He also gets a job on his own. The father says, "My son has totally changed. I can not put in words what this means to me!"

"My two daughters were both struggling in mathematics. After studying the book, Learning How to Learn, my 7th grader is not only improved by 70%, she is now two grade levels ahead! My 3rd grader is now caught up with the class and will not have to worry about redoing the same grade level over once again next year."

For example: you will learn what to do when you can't remember what you just read! You will be able to remember and understand what you read. Many people just read the page over and over again, get frustrated and think they just can not get it, the book or subject is just too difficult, the teacher should have made it more interesting etc. etc.

Have you ever suddenly understood something? These books empower a student or teacher to causatively make this happen! If you fully apply this data you can study with interest, understand and use the data you study! Hopefully you are studying something you want to use in life. So you need to understand the data not just pass the test!

Learn how to study so one can understand and do well in life!

These books teach study skills which help with the following:
  • Can't remember what you just read!
  • Can't Focus (Attention wandering) while studying!
  • Feeling tired while studying!
  • Reading over and over!
  • Giving up on certain subjects!
  • Feeling heavy while studying!
  • Slouching while studying!
  • and more ...
  • Restore interest in learning!
  • The data in these books empower a student or teacher!
  • The data can also be used to make your communications more easily understood!

Three reasons why you or someone else does not understand what they have studied are explained and what to do about each of the three reasons for lack of understanding are explained. Find out what these reasons are and get the tools to handle them. Don't do badly on a test or mess up a project just because you did not understand something! Get these techniques and win or help your children win in life!

A teacher in Texas raised the test scores of his entire school by teaching about this to his students for a few weeks.

Corporations use this data to design their courses. You can also use it in your training programs!

Bring your yourself or your students from effect


  • I hate math!

  • I am no good at this.

  • The teacher did not make it interesting.

to cause.
  • I know what to do when I get in trouble and can learn!

The most important thing these books teach are the symptoms of going past a word not fully understood. Most people ignore them or explain them as due to some other reason. They try to keep on going and then wonder why they can not understand something. Learn what these symptoms are and how to go back find the word or words you do not fully understand. Learn how to fully understand them!

Several other barriers to understanding what one studies are covered as well!

Become a bright interested student or help others to become bright and interested in their studies!

Learning How to Learn for  Teenagers and Adults (softcover)
Learning How to Learn for Teenagers and Adults (softcover)

Read this book and apply it, even a little bit, and your ability to study will improve! We guarantee it! Easy to understand picture book! Ages 13 & up

List price: US$14.95
Sale price: US$14.00, 8 for US$104.00
Learning How to Learn (softcover)
Learning How to Learn (softcover)

  • Learning How to Learn--Ages 8 & up
  • this book is a manual about how to study
  • help your children to get better grades

    List price: US$14.95
    Sale price: US$13.50
  • Learning How to Learn Teacher Manual
    Learning How to Learn Teacher Manual

  • Are you running out of ways to keep your students interested?
  • No matter what you do are your students less interested than you want?
  • Are your dreams of having bright interested students fading?
  • Using this manual you will learn how to restore a true interest in learning!

  • Study Skills for Life (Softcover)
    Study Skills for Life (Softcover)

    Ages 12 and up

    List price: US$14.95
    Sale price: US$13.50
    Basic Study Manual (Softcover)
    Basic Study Manual (Softcover)

    This picture book has all the basic data on how to study but it also teaches you how to help someone else find words they did not fully understand. These are words the person thinks they know and they went right past them. You can actually raise someone's IQ by doing this!

    How to Use a Dictionary Picturebook (Softcover)
    How to Use a Dictionary Picturebook (Softcover)

  • Teaches how to use a dictionary and how to increase understanding of words

  • Click to enlarge
    Report - Memphis, Tennessee (TN) improvments from instruction in Study Skills for Life

    Highlights of 20 Hour Course in Study Skills for Life
  • 2.5 average reading grade level improvement
  • more focused
  • more interest
  • tried harder
  • Earlier pilot also resulted in 43% fewer disciplinary actions

  • Click to enlarge
    Report - Texas teacher creates significant improvement with Learning How to Learn

    One class period of Instruction in Learning How to Learn for 4 weeks - Results:
  • 88.5% percentile score
  • 74.8% school district average
  • 100% score master highest in district

  • Click to enlarge
    Report - Improvements from instruction with Learning How to Learn and Tutoring in St. Louis County, Missouri (MO)

    An average of 17 hours tutoring + instruction in Learning How to Learn Produce:
  • 1.5 years improvement reading
  • 1.4 years improvement spelling

  • Schools and<br>  Tutors
    Schools and

    Known locations where you can get tutoring or attend a school using the study guides that are sold on this website.

    Read what people say who have taken a course based on these books
    Read what people say who have taken a course based on these books


    A proven way to dramatically improve school test scores with study skills

    School test score improvement.

    Documented improved test scores!

    Uplifting stories of Parents who helped their children with school and study

    What do you do when you can not focus on your reading or can not remember what you just read?

    Trouble focusing when reading?

    Parents who did not just help with homework or math but helped their children study.

    Most important data on how to study!

    "I used these study methods on my Microsoft Certified System Engineer studies and boy does it help! I got 45 percent on one practice exam, used the methods and came right back with 94 percent. I restudied using more of these methods and I got a 100 percent!" M. D., Los Angeles, California

    "The first thing Mary* and I did was a book titled 'Learning How to Learn' (for teens, teacher's manual). For my purposes at the time I used it only for Math, but when the school year started again I was able to use my new found knowledge in Honors English, World History, Biology, and Spanish 2. It has helped me out a lot."

    L. P., Age 16
    * Mary is Mary Lewis, a math tutor in Torrance, California, who consistently turns failing math students into winning math students, who now understand math and get As and Bs. .

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