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Study Skills for Life (Softcover)

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1584600551  List price: US$14.95  Sale price: US$13.50  


In Centerville Junior High School, the Academic Skills teacher now uses Study Skills for Life to teach Study Technology to children in her classes. The school counselor is utilizing Study Technology to construct curriculum and teach science and Utah studies.

The results in one class showed 61 percent improved their grade point average (GPA) with an overall average improvement of 44 percent since Study Technology was implemented.

By November 2001, the results of Study Technology were starting to show throughout the school.

graph of 44 percent improvement in reading skills at Centerville Junior High School, Centerville, Utah

What people have to say about Study Skills for Life

"Well done! It is very easy to go through and understand. My 10 year old daughter even understands it. We've made it a practice to go through it together and review it during home work." R.R. Levittown, Pennsylvania

"I ordered the book for my teenage son and we have been reading and trying to apply the different techniques to his studies. I think it is a great book and very easy to understand and read. I look forward to future orders with eLearnAid!!" K.M.

"This book is an excellent tool for a teenager and will help them in their preparations for high school and university." Ruth

"The book helped me. It was beneficial. R.R.

Help your children with this valuable data!

Availability: Usually ships the same business day

Study Skills for Life (Softcover) 1584600551  List price: US$14.95  Sale price: US$13.50  

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