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Small Common Words Defined by L. Ron Hubbard (Hardcover, large)

0884045625  US$125.00  

Out of print. There will be a new edition coming out but we do not have a date! This book clearly defines the small words that are the most frequently used (common) in the English Language (e.g. "of", "in", and "for"). They are defined more precisely, simply and concisely than in several other well respected dictionaries that we looked at. Some of these words can be used hundreds of times a day or more and have many definitions. For example "with" has 21 definitions and two idioms (a group of words that have a different meaning when used together that you can not understand from the individual words) defined in this book, "for" has 19 definitions and four idioms and "in" has 30 definitions and 10 idioms. Since these words are used so often, clearly understanding all the definitions can result in vastly increased understanding of written and spoken English communications! Every definition is easy to understand, with easy to understand example sentences and illustrations. Every small common word defined also has a simple, easy to understand derivation (the history of a word), followed by the clearly defined idioms of the words. All words used and symbols used in the definitions that are not small common words are defined in the back half of this dictionary again with simple definitions and or illustrations.

This book was originally printed as part of a large course on English basics. Because, it is an excellent reference book it was reprinted for the general public with a different dust jacket by Effective Education Publishing.

This book has been used in course rooms around the world and it was revised many times to make sure it clearly communicates every definition. I know of no other dictionary that goes to this much trouble to make sure the reader can understand the definitions. You and your children can get a much better understanding of the most commonly used words in English from this dictionary. The importance of this can not be overstated! This dictionary should be in every classroom and every library.

Comments from a customer:

"Although I have been very successful in life, one of my weaknesses has always been grammar and precision in my language. I found it shocking, but much of this weakness came from misunderstandings of some of the core words of our language, words like there, as, and in. It may sound funny until you try to describe to someone a clear and concise definition of one of those words. A course I was taking referred me to this book, and WOW, it was like fireworks going off in my head. It was amazing how much clearer this language became for me, even though I am an English speaker since birth. I can not recommend this book highly enough for any child or adult."

Dr. Klein

From the publisher

"It is the small, common words that are most often misunderstood and form a major barrier to understanding. In this book, more than 3,000 illustrations clearly show each definition of the most common words in English. A unique method of providing a firm understanding of the basic building blocks of the language."

Small Common Words Defined by L. Ron Hubbard (Hardcover, large) 0884045625  US$125.00  

The New Grammar (Hardcover, large)
The New Grammar (Hardcover, large)

  • An understandable and useful grammar book with the complexities removed. OUT OF PRINT

  • Hard wood bookstand
    Hard wood bookstand

    Webster's New World Dictionary for Young Readers a hardcover reprint of the 1979 edition
    Webster's New World Dictionary for Young Readers a hardcover reprint of the 1979 edition

    Slightly damaged for $10. Great for the PTA or parent that wants to contribute dictionaries to their local school.

    List price: US$25.00
    Sale price: US$10.00

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