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A 8 to 10 hour course caused reading gains of 1.29 years! Find out more!

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School test score improvement.

graph of reading score improvement at Brixton, England

Brixton, England

Two groups of 12 pupils each were given before and after reading tests using the Daniels and Diack standard reading tests. One group was then given a very short course (totaling only 8 to 10 hours over 12 days) in reading skills based on the data that is in all of the following books: Study Skills for Life, Learning How to Learn or Basic Study Manual. The other group continued their normal studies. Increases in reading ability (1.29 years average gain) occurred in pupils who were given the Reading course while no change in reading ability (0.03 loss) occurred in those who did not do the course.

graph of reading improvements at 
CENTENNIAL HIGH SCHOOL, Compton, California, Los Angeles County

CENTENNIAL HIGH SCHOOL Compton, California Los Angeles County, California

This project was developed and supervised by an educator trained in the study technology contained in the books below and who was in fact an alumnus of Centennial High School.

The 22 students participating in this program received 40 hours of instruction in study technology contained in the books below over a period of eight weeks. The graph above shows the combined reading vocabulary and reading comprehension scores from the California Achievement Test (CAT). The average gain per student was a two-year and three-month advancement.

graph of reading improvment scores at 
LINDBERGH ELEMENTARY SCHOOL, Lynwood, California, Los Angeles County

LINDBERGH ELEMENTARY SCHOOL Lynwood, California Los Angeles County, California

In the first part of 1999, the staff of the World Literacy Crusade in Compton, California delivered a Study Technology program based on the books below at the Lindbergh Elementary School to help improve literacy levels.

Students were taught in a group for an hour a day after school. The Wide Range Achievement Test for reading was given at the start of the project and again at the end. Scores are presented as reading age equivalent in grade and months. Scores went from 3.5 to 4.9, a one year and four month average gain. Click here for a full report.


In Centerville Junior High School, the Academic Skills teacher now uses Study Skills for Life to teach Study Technology to children in her classes. The school counselor is utilizing Study Technology to construct curriculum and teach science and Utah studies.

The results in one class showed 61 percent improved their grade point average (GPA) with an overall average improvement of 44 percent since Study Technology was implemented.

By November 2001, the results of Study Technology were starting to show throughout the school.

graph of 44 percent improvement in reading skills at Centerville Junior High School, Centerville, Utah

What Students are Saying:

"...I can thoroughly learn every aspect of a subject, eliminate whatever barriers and confusions that come up and become confident that I know how to apply the data in real life." - M. M., High School Student

"Learning how to get past the study barriers is just what I needed to know, and I think that it will help me get much further in life." - C. R., High School Student

"I will be a whole different student and all of my grades will go up. I can even teach what I have learned to other friends." - K. H., High School Student

"I am understanding everything. I am making great gains... Before I never fully understood subjects I studied in school." - E. S., Middle School Student

"It was really fun and I learned a lot. I hope I get more courses like that. Thank you so, so, so much and I'm happy it's done!" - M. B., Elementary School Student

What Teachers are Saying:

"I have been a teacher for 25 years, and I have taught in all the levels of education from the primary to secondary to tertiary institutions in my country, but I have always thought that something was wrong with our achievements both as teachers or learners. Why for instance would children who came to school looking bright, enthusiastic and ambitious become sullen and vindictive against society? Why would a child want to withdrawal from school when he knows all the advantages education gives to people? I could not imagine.

Now I know why? We have been doing all the wrong things in our education. It is amazing that anyone successfully passed through the system at all. Browbeating anyone into learning is no way to teach. Our kids must first know why they are learning (i.e. learning for life) and then want to learn so that the learning they acquire can be useful to them and to society in a practical way. Learning must be achieved one hundred percent not ninety-nine. In fact, we insist on better quality from our industries than from our schools, it is time to put in place measures that will insure one-hundred percent learning " - B. S. A., Teacher

"Discovering Study Technology at this point in my career/life, I'm able to take the technology back to my middle school classroom and greatly improve study skills for all learners regardless of their levels/abilities." - P. S., Teacher

"It is amazing the effectiveness Study Technology has in identifying my students' problems and how quickly they can be resolved when you know what they are just from what you observe." - B. N., Teacher

"I have also gained useful tools to help [students] to break past barriers of learning so that [they] could love to learn not only in a classroom setting but for life outside the classroom also." - T. M., Educator

Corporations use this data to design their courses. You can also use it in your training programs!

Learning How to Learn (softcover)
Learning How to Learn (softcover)

  • Learning How to Learn--Ages 8 & up
  • this book is a manual about how to study
  • help your children to get better grades

    List price: US$14.95
    Sale price: US$13.50
  • Learning How to Learn Teacher Manual
    Learning How to Learn Teacher Manual

  • Are you running out of ways to keep your students interested?
  • No matter what you do are your students less interested than you want?
  • Are your dreams of having bright interested students fading?
  • Using this manual you will learn how to restore a true interest in learning!

  • Study Skills for Life (Softcover)
    Study Skills for Life (Softcover)

    Ages 12 and up

    List price: US$14.95
    Sale price: US$13.50
    Basic Study Manual (Softcover)
    Basic Study Manual (Softcover)

    This picture book has all the basic data on how to study but it also teaches you how to help someone else find words they did not fully understand. These are words the person thinks they know and they went right past them. You can actually raise someone's IQ by doing this!

    How to Use a Dictionary Picturebook (Softcover)
    How to Use a Dictionary Picturebook (Softcover)

  • Teaches how to use a dictionary and how to increase understanding of words

  • Click to enlarge
    Report - Memphis, Tennessee (TN) improvments from instruction in Study Skills for Life

    Highlights of 20 Hour Course in Study Skills for Life
  • 2.5 average reading grade level improvement
  • more focused
  • more interest
  • tried harder
  • Earlier pilot also resulted in 43% fewer disciplinary actions

  • Click to enlarge
    Report - Texas teacher creates significant improvement with Learning How to Learn

    One class period of Instruction in Learning How to Learn for 4 weeks - Results:
  • 88.5% percentile score
  • 74.8% school district average
  • 100% score master highest in district

  • Click to enlarge
    Report - Improvements from instruction with Learning How to Learn and Tutoring in St. Louis County, Missouri (MO)

    An average of 17 hours tutoring + instruction in Learning How to Learn Produce:
  • 1.5 years improvement reading
  • 1.4 years improvement spelling

  • Schools and<br>  Tutors
    Schools and

    Known locations where you can get tutoring or attend a school using the study guides that are sold on this website.

    Read what people say who have taken a course based on these books
    Read what people say who have taken a course based on these books



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