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Learn how to teach learning disabled students and bring them up to grade level!

Learn how to create miracles by bringing "Learning Disabled Students" up to grade level and beyond.

Parents often are amazed and very supportive.

You can learn how to handle the students in a few short months.

In the following states the state will pay for part of the tuition:

Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Indiana (low income or poor performing school), Louisiana, Maine (no public schools in district), Mississippi, North Carolina (disabled or low income), Ohio, Oklahoma, Utah, Vermont (no public school), Wisconsin (low income), Washington DC (low income)

Americans For Fair Taxation

The current Federal income tax system is broken. Patching up the existing code is pointless. It's time for a fresh approach, a fair approach. It's time for the FairTax.

Simply put, the FairTax replaces the way we're currently taxed - based on our annual income - with a tax on goods and services. The FairTax is a voluntary “consumption" tax: the more you buy, the more you pay in taxes, the less you buy, the less you pay in taxes.

Applied Scholastics International

Educational Materials and Services that promote teaching and learning with understanding and competence

They also have continuing education classes.

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Ectaco, Inc

We sell a wide range of electronic dictionaries from Ectaco, Inc.

Effective Training Solutions - Global Leaders in Training Technology

How Much Is Human Error Costing Your Company? 30% of Your Non-fixed Costs Are Training Related - Find Out How You Can Eliminate These Costs!

Hollywood Education and Literacy Project (H. E. L. P.) - World-wide locations

H. E. L. P. is a non-profit community based program, developing literacy and related skills. We do this through one-on-one mentoring and study techniques.

Learning Plus - San Jose, CA

Learning Plus Tutoring provides one-on-one instruction with multi-sensory programs for success that are tailored to your child's individual needs. We recognize the whole child including the role of self-esteem and the importance of attitudes toward learning and life. We create a positive and patient environment where it is pleasant - even fun to learn and children are proud of their accomplishments.

Lingo24 - Technical translation services

Lingo24 offers a wide range of high quality translation services between all major world languages. With a global blue chip client list, Lingo24 is the translation service for you.

Mark's ESL World

Mark's ESL

NorthStar Bison

Suppliers of fresh and frozen buffalo meat, organs and bones from bison raised on native prairie grasses, WITHOUT CHEMICALS, HORMONES OR GRAIN. The product is tender, flavorful, low in fat and high in protein and essential fatty acids. We take extra measures to keep the animals in a very low stress, natural environment, which insures a more TENDER AND SWEETER tasting meat.

OneLook.com: Hard to find words and acronyms

This site has indexed many online dictionaries to help you find words or acronyms. This is a good site to go to for the latest words and acronyms that might not be in your favorite dictionary. You often end with a choice of online dictionary sites to choose from. The quality of the definitions is dependent on the site you choose.

Criminon - Criminal Rehabilitation

A program that could save all of us a lot of Tax dollars! It truly rehabilitates prisoners who can then become productive citizens and tax payers instead of repeat offenders, who are put away at enormous expense.

Tutoring Success! - Burbank, Ca.

"I can untangle any subject your child is having trouble with. My years of training and experience enable me to easily spot and handle any study problem."