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New hybrid battery modules for Toytoa hybrids: Camry, Avolon, RAV4, Nissan Altima Hybrid and Lexus: HS250h, ES300h, NX300h

Availability: Contact us for availability

Camry rebuilt battery  US$1,945.60  Hybrid:: 

You get a battery with all new Toyota-Panasonic battery modules. This is not a rebuilt battery with older modules this is a battery that should last as long as the original battery in your car did or longer. Especially if you are a high mileage driver (Uber, Lyft etc.) this is the battery for you as the cost per mile is actually less.

These are new batteries manufactured no more than 6 months ago. For example on 22 September 2017 we purchased a battery from Toyota.. The serial number on the modules all started with 044S . (see picture above. Also notice new connection nuts with more contact area.) Per Toyota Tech Tip T-TT-0365-15 this means the battery modules were made on the 04 day, the 4 month (1-9,X Y Z for the 12 months) and 2017 (A = 1999 B=2000 ... K=2017). So the battery was made 4 March 2017 or just over 6 months before we bought it.)

New packs are made with the latest battery chemistry. They are more efficient (a 1% mpg increase), generate less heat, have more capacity and last longer with the individual cells no longer failing.

." Primearth (used to be called Panasonic) boasts a 100% share of Toyota hybrids.

All of Primearth’s current NiMH batteries are its NP2.0 type, which has an output density of 1,300 watts/kg." , "Primearth Says Toyota Eyes U.S. Battery Plant"
May 15, 2017 Roger Schreffler | WardsAuto

Even if you are not a high mileage driver consider this option as the battery has resale value even if you decide to junk your car and will also help you sell your car.

4 Years and 8 months after installation:

" The Camry hybrid is doing great. No issues with batteries it's still going strong. Thank you so much for your services. What is your business website so I can refer friends." J. A., Lenmore, California

New cooper connectors, more contact area on the connection nuts.

Installation is extra starting at $200 for Camry. Other cars will cost more.

Shipping is extra if you are not within 50 miles of Sylmar, CA 91342

Availability: Contact us for availability

New hybrid battery modules for Toytoa hybrids: Camry, Avolon, RAV4, Nissan Altima Hybrid and Lexus: HS250h, ES300h, NX300h Camry rebuilt battery  US$1,945.60  Hybrid:: 
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