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A 8 to 10 hour course caused reading gains of 1.29 years! Find out more!

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Read what people say who have taken a course based on these books

"[The study course] has been a very exciting and interesting achievement for me. Learning the barriers of studying helped me to understand how, when and where my learning abilities were stunted. For many years I thought to memorize was the way to learn. Now Iíve learned the real meaning of learning. What fun it is to study materials and know the proper steps I need to take to clearly understand all materials."

"In this course I have learned the [study methods] which have helped me discover what it is or was that was putting a block on my learning abilities. Now that I have learned how to overcome these barriers, I can more easily study or learn something."

"During this course Iíve learned about some important barriers which can slow down a personís learning ability. Iíve learned to overcome them by using procedures the course has taught me. The course covered a lot of skills that I can use in other classes that Iím currently enrolled in. It has been a real learning experience."

"This class really helped me because when I first came here I didnít know how to study, and thanks to the study skills book, I now have better study skills. I know that Iíll use these skills for the rest of my life. And now I can do anything. I could go to a regular class and have no problem trying to compete with the rest of the class. And that just goes to show you that you can do anything when you put your mind to it."

"The skills I have learned in this course will be very helpful in my Chemistry class. The Chemistry books used in colleges are usually written in a completely different language. My first quarter at college, I spent many hours reading the same pages over and over again, not knowing what the problem was. Now when I find myself reading a page twice, I remind myself to [use the methods in the book]. I donít try to memorize the entire page in a chapter. Instead, I try to make sense of it and apply it to a daily activity. Iím very glad I took this course. The skills Iíve gained also help me in English class, Biology and all of the classes I will be taking in college."

"In the course 'How to Use a Dictionary', I learned a lot of things like marks and symbols, parts of speech and actually how to use a dictionary, how to find a word fast using the alphabet and the guide words. There is a lot of things that I learned that I can't remember right [now] but I know that I'll remember it later and I won't forget because I know I'll use it later in life. Thanks to World Literacy Crusade now I know a lot of things that I didn't know."