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A proven way to dramatically improve school test scores with study skills

A teacher in an under-performing Title I* middle school in Texas taught part of the Learning How to Learn course to his five eighth-grade science classes—two were Pre-Advanced Placement** and three were regular—during the first six weeks of the 2004-2005 school year. In November 2004 and March 2005 all science students took district-wide science benchmark tests. Students who received the Study Technology training outperformed peers by a wide margin on both tests. This improvement occurred in spite of the teacher's unexpected absence for two of the six weeks, which resulted in most students completing only two-thirds of the Learning How to Learn course.


  • For the first time ever on the first benchmark test and again on the second, the school scored the highest of all 17 schools in the district in eight-grade science.
  • For the second benchmark test disaggregated data is available for all five of the teachers classes—two Pre-Advanced Placement and three regular classes.
  • The average score for all five classes is 80.73—a 27% lead over the district-wide average of 63.63.
  • Moreover the three regular classes did even better. Their average score of 81.34 represents a 30% lead over the district-wide average and a 13% lead over the average for their own school. 97% in the three regular classes achieved the mastery level, according to district standards, compared to only 60.7% all district students and 81.3% of their own school—leads of 34% and 19%.


    Students who finished Learning How to Learn reported a dramatic change in their understanding of what they were taught in school and felt they now had the confidence to learn anything they desired. Students got so “fired up” with tools of Study technology that many of them came in before and after school to work on their courses.

    The teacher also told of one student who did not want to apply what was being taught in the Leaning How To Learn course and felt it was silly and that it would not work. This student barely passed eighth grade and went on to high school. Midway through the next school year she came back to the middle school walked into the, teacher’s classroom and gave him a big hug. She had come back to thank him for teaching her Learning How To Learn. She reported that it had changed her life. She was now achieving all A’s and B’s because she was applying what she learned in his class. She then turned to other students in the classroom and told them they should finish the course because it really works.

    * Schools designated as Title I enroll high percentages of low-income students and receive additional funds from the federal government.

    ** Advanced Placement (AP) students study advanced material and qualify to receive college credit for high school coursework. Pre-AP student are being groomed for AP study at the high school level.

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Learning How to Learn Teacher Manual
Learning How to Learn Teacher Manual

  • Are you running out of ways to keep your students interested?
  • No matter what you do are your students less interested than you want?
  • Are your dreams of having bright interested students fading?
  • Using this manual you will learn how to restore a true interest in learning!

  • Learning How to Learn (softcover)
    Learning How to Learn (softcover)

  • Learning How to Learn--Ages 8 & up
  • this book is a manual about how to study
  • help your children to get better grades

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