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The Problems of Work (Hardcover) by L. Ron Hubbard

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9781403144256  List price: US$25.00  Sale price: US$16.50  Languages: 

This is the newest 2007 edition. With an extensive glossary!

From the publisher:

By use of these principles, work ceases to be mere drudgery, stress and exhaustion, and becomes a stable, productive activity filled with purpose and personal satisfaction.

As an understanding of life is necessary to fully live it, so is an understanding of work necessary to successfully do it. This book contains drills and procedures you can use to immediately increase ability and competence at work.

This books covers:

  • Getting and Keeping a Job: Just how do you get and keep a job? Since life is seven-tenths work, this is quite an important question to have answered.

  • Handling Confusion: How do you handle confusions? Maybe at times you've had too much to do all at once on your job. You can find out how to handle this with a very simple yet powerful procedure.

  • Making Work More Enjoyable: Is work necessary? Somebody invented the difference between work and play. Find out how to make work more fun than play.

  • The Secret of Efficiency: Learn the techniques to increase efficiency in anything you do. This secret can be applied to something as simple as typing a letter or to the managing of a major corporation.

  • Life as a Game: How to increase confidence and control of your working environment.

  • Affinity, Reality and Communication: How to get along with people at work and increase your own enthusiasm.

  • Handling Exhaustion: Why a person becomes introverted and exhausted at work -- and a simple drill to handle it.

  • The Man Who Succeeds: What are the ingredients of success? Find out the vital points which create success, no matter what your line of work.

  • Recovery from Injury: If someone were to be injured where you work, would you know exactly what to do? Would you know how to lessen the pain and speed recovery? Find out how to assist another in handling injuries, sprains, burns, scalds, broken bones, headaches, colds, etc.

  • How to Handle Work: How do you handle the correspondence, memos and tools related to your job? Find out how you can double your speed.

Results from others who have read the book:

"After reading The Problems of Work I found myself using the key stable data to my everyday life. The datum on handling confusion and the stable datum was dynamite. The chapter on the Affinity-Reality-Communication triangle has also changed how I deal with people. It has given me a desire to develop ‘reality’, a point of agreement, with those whom I wanted and needed communication with. One chapter I have been using daily is the one titled ‘Exhaustion’. It works like a charm! All the other solutions I’ve had for relaxing – such as more sleep, regular exercise or a glass of wine after work—never really handled anything. The techniques in this book are worth their weight in diamonds." —R.F.

"This book is extremely helpful. Whether you're a newcomer to the job market or an old-timer, this book will help you master problems you will encounter on the job. This should be required reading for every new employee. I highly recommend it." Ruth

Languages: This book is available in several different languages. Shipment of languages other than English may take a little longer.

Availability: Usually ships the same business day

The Problems of Work (Hardcover) by L. Ron Hubbard 9781403144256  List price: US$25.00  Sale price: US$16.50  Languages: 

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