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12 Volt Battery for Camry Hybrid, Nissan Altima Hybrid, Toyota Avalon Hybrid, Lexus Hybrid ES300H

Availability: Usually ships the same business day

Optima-camry  US$249.99  Car: 

No core charge - turn in your old battery at many auto-parts stores for a store credit.

12 volt (auxiliary) battery for Toyota Camry Hybrid 2007 thru 2017 For Camry 2007-11 we includes thermal conductive tape for no additional charge. For Camry 2012-17 we provide a longer vent tube at no additional charge.

In the Los Angeles area? We are near where Interstate 5 leaves the San Fernando valley. Call us for a free installation!

Buy from us! For a full explanation on why we recommend this battery for a Camry Hybrid click here.

Price includes A write up on how to significantly reduce engine oil consumption.

Get it shipped FREE via 1 or 2 business day ground or air to all of the US (including: Alaska & Hawaii), territories (including Puerto Rico, Guam and US Virgin Islands) ! (Just select free shipping! See map below!)

8 June 2021 "I just want to commend you on your help with my son’s Camry. Your website helped save us many dollars and solved his problem (didn’t start all the time and took forever to fill his tank with fuel among other side effects). I have been a truck and bus mechanic for years but had no experience with hybrid automobiles. Your information and instructions were extremely helpful to resolve his problems. Thank you very much for your help",, R. O., Lamar. CO

31 December 2018 "Thank you so much for shipping so fast, really needed this asap and you got it to me in like 1 day! WOW! I ordered it on Friday and I received it Monday! Amazing! Also thanks for saving me like $300.00 too. Battery fits perfect and the instructions where right on the money. Thanks again, when I decide to buy a new hybrid battery I will be making my purchase from you!" C. B., Ball Ground, GA

. We specialize in this battery size and have custom packaging for it so the battery is surrounded in foam.

Free shipping to all 50 states and US territories via ground to color areas of map below or via Priority Mail all other areas in US (including: Alaska and Hawaii) and territories (including Guam and Puerto Rico) not colored on map below. You should have your battery in 1 to 3 days! (Well, 4 if you order after cut off on Friday)


"Just wanted to thank you for supplying an Optima battery for my 2007 Camry hybrid. Delivery was quick, directions were very good and installation went very smoothly. You just saved me about $400, since the local Toyota dealer wanted $550 for the battery and installation. Great job - Thanks," S. R., Murrells Inlet, South Carolina
"The battery arrived today, at around 5:30P. I unboxed the terrifically packed parcel and wrapped the temp sensor with the double stick temp tape. I stuck it to the top of the battery and encased it with hot glue. I also fastened the connector to the battery with hot glue. Cleaned the battery terminals till it shined. Fastened the vent elbow into the battery vent hole. After all this, it popped right in and car is running again. Everything was done by 5:50P. Wanted to thank you for the super service! Hope you continue servicing us hybrid owners, cause someone needs to prevent the dealer gouging. Really appreciated your help!


D. S., Hawaii "Just writing to let you know I appreciate the support and the products provided for changing out my 2007 Camry hybrid 12v battery. The instructions for the install made all the difference; they are detailed and accurate. It's always a good thing to save 3-400 dollars, right?

Bests" - P. S., Acworth, Georgia

"Just to thank you for extra fast delivery, I got it on Wednesday [He ordered on Monday.] - picked up in local post office and replaced old one." R. M., Franklin Park, Illinois

"Battery fits good ... Thanks!" R. K., Avalon Owner, LOS ALAMITOS, CALIFORNIA

This battery fits in the Toyota Camry hybrid 2007+. You just have to remove the sensor from your current battery and tape it on this battery. You can use the same vent tube. We have instructions on installing this battery in a Camry. If you are in the LA area come by and we will install it for free in a Toyota Camry. This battery runs the electronics when the car is parked. It also powers up the computers and all almost all the electrical equipment in the car when you start it. It does not crank the engine. Once you start the car (push start with your foot on the break) the Ready mode display lights and the high voltage to 12 volt system puts approximately 14 volts into the 12 volt system. This is true whether the gasoline engine is running or not. See Toyota Technical Service Bulletin below.

MAINTENANCE FOR HV BATTERY & AUXILIARY BATTERY– PD020-06 March 31, 2006 Page 7 of 7 Turn vehicle to “READY” ON. HINT: When the remaining capacity of the HV battery is low, the gasoline engine automatically starts and the HV battery is charged by the generator. The auxiliary battery is also charged by the HV battery regardless of the gasoline engine operation

FREE INSTALLATION Call us for an appointment, 818 364 9810. 12 volt battery installed in a Toyota Camry Hybrid Picture of the the Optima Battery installed in a Camry Hybrid

What makes this a longer lasting battery?

The tightly wrapped spiral design (see cut away image toward bottom of page.) provides 15X superior vibration resistance so you battery is less effected by pot holes, construction projects, drainage ditches speed bumps and rough roads.

Because of the spiral design the lead plates do not have to be strengthened with an alloy and are 99.99% pure. This results in lower voltage drop as the battery discharges and contributes to the longer life of this battery!

The three main contributors of premature battery failure are:

Vibration which causes distortions in the plates and eventually shorts. This battery is made by sandwiching the acid filled mat and the lead together and then tightly wrapping them in a spiral. This reduces vibration by 15X as a cause of battery failure.

Repeated deep Discharges This Yellow Top battery has thicker lead plates to handle repeated deep discharges not huge starting currents.

Heat! Yes batteries have less output when cold but they also last longer.

If you want a battery that lasts longer. This is it! We offer free shipping on this battery via next business day for southern California. 2 days to most of the southwestern US. and or Priority Mail to the rest of the 50 states Hawaii, Puerto Rico and other US territories! You should have your battery in 1 to 3 days!"

Comments from customers who have used a similar battery in the Prius for over a year!

"The battery has performed absolutely flawlessly and is one of the best improvements you can make to a Prius . Easy to install, everything is included.

In general, I am totally sold on Optima batteries; I use them for my cars and boat, my oldest one is about 10 years old and still works.

Toyota puts so much emphasis on how the Pruis main battery lasts the life of the car; but what they don't tell you is that the accessory battery is a cheap ass lead acid that, even in a best case scenario, will be dead after 5 years. The Optima should correct this issue and bring the accessory electrical system to the level of the rest of the car.

My factory battery died when one cell failed; the car was 1 year old at the time. As you know, Prius, with all its electronics does NOT have a simple circuit to shut down the interior light! It is therefore only a matter of time until one does not shut the door all the way and the next morning the battery is completely dead. This is what happened to me twice. When I charged the factory battery for the second time it failed. The symptoms were somewhat strange as it would still run but after sitting a few days it would not.

It is good to know that with the Optima kit the chances of recovery are much better . And I don't think I'll ever have to worry about having to replace it due to age.


P. G., Cherry Valley, California

"I just wanted to let you know that the Optima battery in my '04 Prius has been great. We had a few sub-zero mornings last week -- the kind that in the past, with the OEM battery, had me running a long extension cord and portable charger out to where my car is parked overnight to get it started. I had been taking to turning off the keyless entry system to try and avoid a cold-morning dead battery. I found the OEM battery to be the car's achilles heel, because when it is weak, you have to resort to the physical key to get in the car, and even then you can't get the back hatch open to access the battery.

But this winter with the Optima battery in place, not an issue. No matter the temperature, the car 'boots' properly, so all other systems, including the gas engine, start up without problem. I've always been a fan of Optima batteries, and adding one to my Prius brings up the 12V traditional electrics up to a quality level commensurate with the rest of the car.

Thanks for a great kit to install the battery."

M. A., Fort Collins, Colorado

"I've had no problems since I replaced the battery. The sound system sounds great. I haven't let the battery discharge deeply (I've learned to turn off the wireless key when I'm on vacation), but I trust the yellow optima is the right battery for a deeper discharge and a good choice for this application."

J. G., Monte Sereno, California

Buy this battery and save hundreds over the dealer battery.

Price includes free shipping to Continental US.

This is what customers have to say who bought this battery:


  • Cold Cranking Amps (CCA) @ 0F 710
  • Voltage 12
  • Height (in.) 8.87
  • Weight (lbs) 41.0
  • Cranking Amps @ 32F 810
  • Battery Usage Truck/Car Battery CCA 710


    Replaces the S65B26R-MF

  • Very easy install. If you will be in the Los Angeles area and would like to bring your Hybrid by, we will install if for free! Call to arrange appointment 818 364 9810.

    Availability: Usually ships the same business day

    12 Volt Battery for Camry Hybrid, Nissan Altima Hybrid, Toyota Avalon Hybrid, Lexus Hybrid ES300H Optima-camry  US$249.99  Car: 

  • OptiMATE 5  restores, charges, maintaines 12 volt lead acid any typeOptiMATE 5 restores, charges, maintaines 12 volt lead acid any typerestores (desulfates), charges and maintains any type of 12 volt lead acid battery with a capacity of 8 to 120 amp hours.

    Availability: Usually ships in 1-2 weeks

    OptiMATE 5 restores, charges, maintaines 12 volt lead acid any type OptiMATE 5  US$99.90  
    Wire kit for hooking a larger (car) battery to your uninterruptible power supply (UPS) keep your computer  running longer if you loose power!Wire kit for hooking a larger (car) battery to your uninterruptible power supply (UPS) keep your computer running longer if you loose power!How much electronics would you like to keep running in the event of a power failure? Ideally everything but things like: Computers, phones, modems, routers etc. are vital if you have a home business.

    • These cables have any eyelet with a 5/16 diameter hole to connect to almost any battery connector. The other ends to connects to almost any battery connector used in small Uninterruptible Power supplies (so cable plugs right into the female connector on the battery cables in your UPS)
    • positive cable has an inline fuse socket AT0/ATC (no worries about shorting the battery)

    Now you can replace an automotive battery before it leaves you stranded and put it to good use on your uninterruptible power supply (UPS). Even if you battery only has 30% capacity that will provide a lot more backup power than the 1 to 3 pounds batteries found in most UPS systems.

    Perhaps you already have a large spare battery. For example if you replaced a sealed automotive battery as a precaution but it still has some life left. Or you are about to replace the small battery in your UPS but you would rather replace it with a larger battery to get more backup time.

    Connection is easy the unplug and remove the original battery and plug our wires into the connectors that were on the battery.

    In the event of power loss the UPS will run just like designed but it will now run longer than designed. You may need to add ventilation holes or even a fan or just lower the load on the ups. After you connect the larger battery test by disconnecting the AC to your UPS and make sure nothing overheats. Test to make sure the additional running time causes no problems. If it does reduce the load on the UPS, improve the ventilation, setup your computers so the automatically shut down in the event of power failure or get a bigger UPS.

    Do you have an extra sealed lead acid battery sitting around. Make your uninterruptible power supply (UPS) last longer. ups-connection  US$12.00  

    :We pack well! (no damage or problems!)  • We ship that day!  •We email you with shipping info! Our store is hosted by , and we consistently get very good , and excellent ratings from our customers.
    "If I could have rated this merchant higher that a 5, I would have given him a 'Perfect 10.'" - K. W.

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