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French-English / English-French German-English / English-German Collins Dictionary CD from Palmtop Software

U501  Language: 


Collins© Dictionaries are widely acclaimed for their excellence, their continuing innovation and for their tireless reflection of today's language.

This innovative software package offers the complete Collins Paperback Edition, with over 100,000 translations and 70,000 references. It features a wide coverage in areas relevant to business and office automation, and will help users to better understand newspapers, magazines and contemporary literature.

"I don't think I've ever seen a Palm OS application with a simpler interface... The quality of the translations is excellent in both directions... Collins is a fast and polished reference work. By leaving your paper dictionary at home you'll not only save time in word look-ups, you'll lighten your briefcase as well." by Anne Johnstone, PalmUser magazine

Simple and easy to use, Collins dictionaries for Palm are ideal for students, businesspeople or travellers alike who need foreign vocabulary to understand or even to speak another language.

French Example

Key features
  • Collins bilingual dictionaries are useful for when travelling, dealing with foreign correspondence or when a single word is simply not enough.
  • Touch-screen technology enables you to find the translation instantly, just by tapping on any word.
  • Words can be looked up in just about any way: simply type a few letters, paste it (from another application) or browse through the dictionary.
  • 'Illustrative' and 'Essential' phrases with the context in which words are used are included to give you more insight into the language.
  • Background information on English/French regular and irregular verbs.
  • Clear and legible. You can adapt the display to show more or less detail, etc.

Using the application

To find a word in the dictionary, simply start entering it. A few letters will usually suffice to find what you're looking for.

French Example

German Example

Click on any word on the screen, in either language, and the application immediately jumps to its dictionary entry (or its closest match).

French Example

German Example

The application offers other useful options like a "Word of the Day" and a list of the most important regular and irregular English and French verb tables (of which a few lines are shown here:)

French word of day example

German word of day example

French example help page

German example help verb tables

German example help verb tables


"I don't know how to express my feelings. Only I can say, it solve and easy my working. Very rich explanation of lexicon. Really worth to try, then use it for your job."

Re: French English English Dictionary"A terrific dictionary - comprehensive translations plus context and usage. I am finding this dictionary indispensable, because it goes beyond mere literal translation to supply context and usage. For example, when I looked up "epingle" (pin), it also supplied the phrase "tirer son epingle du jeu" (play one's game well), which I hadn't even realized to be the phrase in the text that I had been looking at. Similarly, look up "rendez-vous", and it lets you know that "prendre" is the appropriate verb to use for "making a date". It is well worth the space it occupies on my Palm V."

Re: French-English Dictionary"...C'est en fait un véritable outil d'assistance pour mieux comprendre les journaux, les magazines, la littérature contemporaine et aussi les mots usuels des logiciels anglais. Mot traduit très clairement affiché et avec plusieurs sens - Possibilité d'afficher un mot au hasard pour apprendre...."

Read these and other independent reviews.

Technical Details

Languages: The application runs in English and French
Requirements: Each dictionary book requires about 1200k RAM to install. Running the application requires at least 25k.
Distribution: Available on CD-ROM
Suitable for: Palms, Pocket PC/Windows CE and EPOC Palm IIIe, IIIx, IIIxe, IIIc
Palm V, Vx
Palm VII
Visor, Visor Deluxe
Qualcomm pdQ
IBM Workpad
Psion Revo, Revo Plus, Series 5, Series 5mx, Series 7, netBook, Ericsson MC218, Diamond Mako, Osaris, Geofox

Copyright (c) 1996-2000 Palmtop BV - The Netherlands
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French-English / English-French German-English / English-German Collins Dictionary CD from Palmtop Software U501  Language: 

Bilingual Dictionaries

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