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The New Grammar by L. Ron Hubbard (Hardcover, large)

0884045617  US$125.00  

Out of print! There will be a new edition coming out but we do not know when! This book is a fabulous book for learning English grammar so you can use it to communicate better. It is also invaluable when you need to research a part of grammar and the dictionaries or your grammar book are just not sufficient or too complex to explain it well.

This book is extremely large, well made, thorough, and has lots of illustrations to get across the concepts it is teaching. An excellent grammar reference for anyone.

This book was originally printed as part of a large course on English basics. Because, it is an excellent reference book it was reprinted for the general public with a different dust jacket by Effective Education Publishing.

A review by an Associate Professor of Philosophy

"English is now the language of international communication. It is the language used by heads of state. It is the language of international business negotiation. It is the language of the majority of the rapidly growing masses of computerized information.

"Unfortunately, most persons educated by the public education systems in the United States are not competent in understanding and using English. As a teacher in one of the better private universities in the United States I am well aware that many of our students, even though they are among those ranking very high on standardized tests, are unable to read with comprehension. Failing to master the full resources of the English language, students become functionally illiterate.

"This inability to fully understand and use language causes problems in schools and businesses, and these problems affect wider areas of society. In this time of widespread illiteracy L. Ron Hubbard introduces a book that makes grammar understandable and useful to all.

"This book takes grammar and makes it easy. It helps individuals to understand the basic building blocks of the English language and how to use those building blocks to better communicate, express their thoughts and understand what they read.

"L. Ron Hubbard first gained fame as a writer at a time when even the popular magazines of the day expected their readers to appreciate breadth of vocabulary and variety of style.

"Only a professional writer with a writer's sensitivity to language could have written such an innovative approach to grammar. Only such a writer would see grammar not as full of constricting rules, but full of possibilities for rich expressions of thought and action.

"Teaching writers how to write in the 1940s, L. Ron Hubbard has now come full circle with this grammar book and returned to the field of teaching language.

"This is a brilliant book by a brilliant mind. In fact, it is a revolution in thought."

David Rodier, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Philosophy
American University,
Washington, DC

From the publisher

"Mr. Hubbard researched the subject of grammar and isolated the exact basics to enable anyone to learn and effectively use this subject. Gone are the complexities and false data that have plagued grammar for many years. With The New Grammar, it is possible to greatly improve one's ability to communicate to others and understand others' communications to him."

The New Grammar by L. Ron Hubbard (Hardcover, large) 0884045617  US$125.00  

Small Common Words Defined (Hardcover)
Small Common Words Defined (Hardcover)

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    Grammar Books

    Grammar is the part of the language which deals with the forms and structure of words, and with their customary arrangement in phrases and sentences in spoken and written form.

    Effective Education Publishing
    Effective Education Publishing

    Hard wood bookstand
    Hard wood bookstand


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