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Email us: or go to www.drug-prevention.org
888-9NO-DRUG or 888-966-3784

Through effective drug prevention presentations the Narconon® Drug Abuse Prevention Program has been giving kids the truth about drugs for more than 25 years and successfully changing their minds about using drugs or reinforcing their decisions to not use.

Narconon speakers discuss the harmful effects of drugs without preaching or using scare tactics. Information is factual and presentations are engaging, interactive and fun.

The Narconon drug education program is suitable for 3rd grade and up. All drug education presentations are age-appropriate and can supplement any substance abuse program that a school is already using. Contact our office to receive additional information about the program and the different topics.


“I thought the talk was great because he was not trying to scare us — he was trying to make us understand drugs and what they do to our bodies. My thoughts changed very much. Just because of the popularity, I didn’t realize how dangerous certain drugs were.”

“It (the talk) was good. It felt like the speaker was talking with us like friends more than lecturing us. I’ve thought about trying weed before but now it just seems stupid.”

“I know more about drugs now and reasons and ways to say no to them. Drugs are wrong. I’m amazed that anyone would use them. I can use this to say no to drugs and tell others to not do them.”

“I know that without a doubt drugs are harmful. I would never ever do drugs! I always thought if it makes people happy, how bad could it be? WRONG. Now I know that even the first time you could die.”


“For the past four years, my 7th grade Health classes have been incredibly fortunate to have Narconon presentations as part of their alcohol, tobacco and drug education. The presentations are excellent and engaging for the students. I always look forward to furthering my instruction with these visits and I consider each presentation one of the most important days in my curriculum. Thank you for helping my students make healthier decisions with their lives.”

“I liked that he didn’t try to scare kids away from drugs or say, ‘Just say no.’ He educated our students and kept their attention with humor.”

“An extremely effective mix of humor, information and real-life experiences. I also like the absence of moralizing—kids never respond to that. He did a fantastic job of relating to the students and maintaining their interest.”

“The message that Narconon brings to our children is the reality of the impact of drug involvement on young lives. As a follow up to these assemblies, I asked our students what they learned. The messages came through loud and clear, ‘It is never right to take drugs and I’m not going to hurt myself or let my friends get involved.’ ”

At the Narconon Drug Abuse Prevention Program we believe that drug abuse and youth experimentation with drugs is not inevitable and when we push back against the drug problem it recedes.

Don’t wait to contact a Narconon representative. We are here to service your school and look forward to hearing from you.

888-9NO-DRUG or 888-966-3784

Email us: or go to www.drug-prevention.org


10 Things Your Friends May Not Know About Drugs

A simple easy-to-read booklet which exposes the most common false information that kids have. Step by step with illustrations the true information is given so young people can make the right decision.

Marijuana The Myth New release on DVD!

Many have heard that Marijuana is “natural" or "It can't hurt you" or "It only stays in your system for thirty days." Is this really true? What are the real effects of Marijuana on your health? Hear the truth like you've never heard before! This new DVD includes the full Marijuana the Myth presentation, as well as two new video features: "Why Kids Take Drugs" and "Why Parents Are the Last to Know".

Talking to Kids About Drugs

Parents play a key role in keeping a child drug-free, but how do you talk to kids about drugs? Based on the Narconon® drug education curriculum, this booklet teaches you how you can talk to kids about drugs, not only so they will listen, but so they'll understand. (64 pages)

The Narconon Drug Rehabilitation and Prevention Program is a secular (non-religious), drug-free program. Narconon Drug Prevention & Education, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit public benefit organization incorporated in the State of California and is licensed by Narconon International.

The first Narconon program was founded in 1966 by Mr. William Benitez, who at the time was incarcerated in the Arizona State Prison for a long series of drug-related crimes. After 18 years of addiction and endless attempts at recovery, Mr. Benitez came by a book written by American author and humanitarian L. Ron Hubbard. By applying the principles it contained on increasing one's abilities, he and dozens of other inmates were able to permanently end their addiction to heroin.

NARCONON is a word coined by Mr. Benitez to mean “drugs-no”. From its founding it has been a drug-free program geared to help produce drug-free lives. Today, there are more than 130 Narconon centers and groups in more than 35 countries around the world with Narconon staff educating hundreds of thousands of people and rehabilitating thousands of addicts.

888-9NO-DRUG or 888-966-3784
Email us: or go to www.drug-prevention.org

© 2005 NARCONON Drug Prevention & Education, Inc. All rights reserved. NARCONON and the NARCONON logo are trademarks and services marks owned by Association for Better Living and Education International and are used with its permission

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