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Management Series & CD-ROM by L. Ron Hubbard

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oecmsandcd  List price: US$465.00  Sale price: US$372.00  

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The Management Series is a three-volume set packed with basic principles of effective management. These powerful and basic principles take the confusion out of management and substitute important basics that make sense and actually work! These books explain the basic principles that help a manager or employee fully understand what he is doing and how it will help him and his group succeed. But more importantly, they give him new tools to correctly analyze situations and correctly handle them.

This set includes a CD-ROM that has all of the text of the three volumes so you can effectively search these volumes and find a reference in seconds. As a bonus, the CD also includes the full text from the Basic Staff Hat, the first volume in the 8-volume series of The Organization Executive Course.

Languages: Available in 15 languages including English, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish. Some language editions may take from two to six weeks to deliver. This series contains the most comprehensive insight into the know-how of effective management. Along with the CD-ROM, you will be armed with knowledge that will help you to get your company prospering and growing as fast as you want it to grow.

Volume 1
  • Administration Know-How Series - Key information every manager or worker needs to know to be effective and get other effective in the workplace.
  • Target Series - Covers how to plan and write targets, and what targets are necessary for action to occur at all.
  • Computer Series - How computers can be used to be real work-horses and actually "produce".
  • Executive Series - Key information you need to know about being an executive, including how and why your post is not the same as your subordinates.
  • Data Series - This series covers how to analyse data to determine its validity, how to find the correct reasons behind successes and failures, and how to pinpoint the personnel behind those successes or failures. Business Analysis is only one of its many uses.
Volume 2
  • Personnel Series - Learn important information about personnel including recruiting, hiring and training.
  • Organization Series - Cover key basics about organizing a business or group that every entrepreneur, manager, executive, and employee needs to know.
  • Establishment Series - How to go about establishing your business or organization and get personnel producing... now!
Volume 3
  • Public Relations Series - Key information on public relations and how exactly you need to use this to cut through all the barriers presented to you by others.
  • Marketing Series - Find out the differences between marketing and sales, and how to be proficient in marketing.
  • Art Series - Key information you need to know about art. A must for anyone working in a marketing or graphics area.
  • Finance Series - Key money and finance information you need to know. In a world full of information, this series tells the REAL truth about finance.
What a reader has to say about this volume.

From the backcover of the CD-ROM
  • Full text of all three Management Series volums, available at a glance, sharply displayed in full color.
  • Twelve managerial subjects that L. Ron Hubbard researched and codified in over 20 years of organizational experience.
  • The full text of the first volume of the Organization Executive Course as a bonus for the English Language version!
  • Use the Search function to find any reference in seconds.
  • Rapidly find the policy you need using the Alphabetical and Chronological lists.
  • Comprehensive Subject Index covering all volumes.
  • Online help screens guide you through the CD-ROM.
  • Easy to use -- comes complete with user's guide.
  • IBM PC and Macintosh compatible.
What people say about these books...

"We have the new series + CD-ROM. My husband has the books in the [office] (he's the Executive Director) and I have the CD-ROM at home. It's wonderful to use. And easy to find things. I'm very happy with it!" L.B., UK

"These books are really helpful to me as a new executive and manager. The data in them is awesome and very workable; it's not just theory. There's really practical information in them that you don't get with other books I've seen on management." R.L.

These are reference volumes each series is independent of the other and with excellent indexes so you can purchase one volume and use it whenever you need it for more information on; "How do I ...?" You can select a volume that will be most helpful to you. You will not be disappointed.

Availability: Usually ships in 5-7 business days.

Management Series & CD-ROM by L. Ron Hubbard oecmsandcd  List price: US$465.00  Sale price: US$372.00  

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