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Making Money with a Web Site
The Basics of Internet Marketing Part 1 (e-book) by John Eberhard

Find out how to make money on the internet!

JE1  US$7.00  

Is your web site making you money, or is it just sitting there gathering dust, making money only for your hosting company?

If your web site is gathering dust, you're not alone. Many small business owners put up web sites, with excitement and high expectations, only to find that the sites hasn't produced anything. And the web site has sat there ever since, because the business owner just doesn't know what to do.

What should a web site produce? Leads and/or sales. And it can. But the problem is you have to drive traffic to your site. No one will find it unless you drive traffic to it. And your site has to be properly prepared for the traffic that comes, so those people get converted into either a lead or a sale.

The Solution is thenew eBook, Making Money with a Web Site: The Basics of Internet Marketing, Part 1. This eBook (along with the Part 2 eBook) covers all the basics of Internet marketing, so that you can drive traffic to your site and get it converting into leads or sales.

So how does one drive traffic to a web site and make money with it? These are the key methods that work right now:

  • Paid search engine advertising
  • Collecting identities (names and email addresses) on the web site
  • Making sure your site is set up to take advantage of traffic
  • Email marketing to your own lists
  • Search engine optimization
  • Building links to your web site

    eBook #1 of this series covers:

    • Paid search engine advertising, how to set up a successful campaign on Google AdWords or Yahoo Search Marketing. Includes how to select the best keywords for your product, writing your ads, creating "landing" pages where the prospect will land on your site, how to bid on keywords, how to set up your account, and how to manage your campaign.
    • Collecting identities on your web site, how to build up your email list to thousands of names.
    • Making sure your site is set up to take advantage of traffic, so when the people start arriving, they turn into leads or sales, instead of leaving.

    The eBook will be delivered to you in Adobe Acrobat PDF format, which requires Adobe Reader to use.

    Copyright 2007 by RealWebMarketing.net. All Rights Reserved.

    Bernie's Comments:

    I have been running an internet based book store for seven years now and I have been able to make a living at it for the last six of those seven years. So I had my doubts that I would learn much from this book but I did. There were some ideas that are very different from how I have done business but I might be able to use some of them also. In short part 1 is worth the $7.00. How much time and money have you already put into your web site?

    Bernard Littman Owner e Learn Aid

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    Making Money with a Web Site
    The Basics of Internet Marketing Part 1 (e-book) by John Eberhard

    Find out how to make money on the internet!
    JE1  US$7.00  

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