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Magnetic fields in the Prius

Do you have strange sensations in your heels and ankles particularly after a long drive?

There are strong magnetic fields generated by a Prius. See pictures below.

The above shows a milligauss of about 25 shortly after engine startup, 2 to 3 is considered no exposure. It goes higher than 50 while driving but it is harder to take a picture and drive or press on the accelerator pedal and take a picture.

Hear is a picture of the same meter near the accelerator pedal of an 05. It shows about 11 again with car parked and engine idling. Again the needle goes considerably higher when driving!

Why bother to mention this? My heels and ankles used to hurt. It was getting to the point I did not enjoy walking around. NOT OK! I tried message type therapies although it made me fell better. It did not handle the pain and I noticed that when I went on long drives it would get worse. In fact I first noticed the problem after a long drive from Los Angeles to San Francisco and back. I thought it must be the accelerator pedal and disconnected one of the springs. This did not help and in fact both heels were feeling weak which I would notice when I walked.

Then I listened to a Raw Food lecture that happened to mention the effected created by the keyboard on a laptop and that corporal tunnel syndrome was actually caused by magnetic fields near keyboards.

I got the meter shown above did some research and found a relatively inexpensive and easy way to handle this problem for the driver. A magnetic shield floor mat.

The prototypes have been in my car for over a year and the ankle problem has goon away! We never turned this into a product but if you are interested in our prototypes let us know.

Some may say that the magnetic fields of the earth are stronger and they may be. But the earths magnetic fields are not pulsing. (Caused by switching transistors pulsing the windings in the electric motor/ generators.)

In fact the meter I am using does not respond to strong steady magnetic fields. See picture below of the meter resting on a speaker magnet. AS it approaches the magnetic it registers the field but sitting there stably it does not.

SO DO YOU WANT PULSING MAGNETIC FIELDS HURTING THE CELLS IN YOUR FEET AND ANKLE? We never turned this into a product but if you are interesed in one of our prototypes let us know.

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