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Longman Advanced American Dictionary 3rd edtition (Hardcover)

1405821094  US$52.00  

From the publisher:

A quick look is all it takes with the signpost system which shows you the meaning you want much more quickly. The 3,000 most frequent words in American speech and writing are also clearly marked so you know which words are more important to know than others.

You'll find simply the best spoken English coverage here, shown as it is really used. 2,000 Americans from across the USA were recorded in their day-to-day activity. Their conversations form the basis of the revolutionary Longman Spoken American Corpus. Using this corpus, as well as the Longman Written American Corpus, to create the definitions and the 66,000 examples which illustrate the words reveal just how the language is really used.

This dictionary uses clear definitions using only 2,000 words which learners at this level already know, means that there's no need to look up other words within definitions.

Grammatical patterns are highlighted for the learner to learn and usage notes throughout show clearly correct word choice. Phrasal verbs, such as "latch onto", are explained in full.

This dictionary opens up the world of English. 84,000 words and phrases, including newer words such as dot.com, HOV lane, HTML and e.coli, keep you up to date with the latest language. 4,000 encyclopedic entries such as Rosa Parks, Benjamin Franklin, and Mount Rushmore give you the cultural information you need for a full understanding of the language. This is a large and complete dictionary (see sample).

There are 16 color pages of topic-based photos and illustrations bring the language to life. Click here to see a sample. Another sample.

Click here to see a sample inside this dictionary.

What our eLearnAid customers say...

"I recently ordered a copy of 'Longman Advanced American Dictionary'. It is really a great book. I love it! I'm thinking about getting another one for my brother."Y. J., Freehold, NJ

Other Testimonials and Referrals

"Students no longer have to sift through multiple definitions of a single entry until finding just what they need because for many entries LAAD introduces highly visible, concise guidewords that quickly focus a student's attention on the specific meaning sought." Kerry S. Vrabel, La Guardia Community College, USA

"We encounter lively, natural-sounding examples every time we look up a word in this dictionary. It is my hope that students in Japan communicate with English speakers around the world with the help of this Longman Advanced American Dictionary." Professor K. Torikai, Rikkyo University, Japan

"The thorough definitions and the vocabulary befitting second language learners make it one of the most comprehensive and comprehensible dictionaries developed." Bernadette Garcia, Suffolk County Community College, USA

"The Longman Advanced American Dictionary will prove its value over and over to students seeking answers to sticky questions about English grammar." Betty Schrampfer Azar, Author of The Azar Grammar Series

"The dictionary is visually impressive as well. Full-color and black-and-white illustrations enrich the definitions and help students grasp the meanings of new words." M. Lynn Poirier, Maryland Language Institute, USA

"A must for every serious student of English!" Patricia A. Richard-Amato, Professor Emeritus California State University, Los Angeles

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Longman Advanced American Dictionary 3rd edtition (Hardcover) 1405821094  US$52.00  

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