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Learning How to Learn for Teenagers and Adults (softcover)

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Read this book and apply it, even a little bit, and your ability to study will improve! We guarantee it!

How can I make this claim?

  1. The book teaches what to do when you get into trouble studying! SO YOU CAN UNDERSTAND, THINK AND USE THE DATA!
      Learn what causes and how to handle:
    • Not remembering what you just read.
    • Feeling totally confused.
    • Feeling like you have a weight on your head.
  2. It is a picture book so it is EASY TO UNDERSTAND!
  3. I told the same thing to this father.

Father who helped his soon do better in schoolThis father was worried his son might not graduate high school. His son had been put in a special school for students failing high school. The principal told the father that his son would be lucky if he graduated six months late. The father got the Learning How to Learn book for his son. Son reads the book and says: "So what dad!". He had his son read Learning How to Learn three times. The son gets out of the special school and enrolls in adult night school and graduates 1 month late. He also gets a job on his own. The father says, "My son has totally changed. I can not put in words what this means to me!" Father then tells this story to several other people at his work. Two more fathers get the book and have similar results. Here is one of them.

"My two daughters were both struggling in mathematics. After studying the book, Learning How to Learn, my 7th grader is not only improved by 70%, she is now two grade levels ahead! My 3rd grader is now caught up with the class and will not have to worry about redoing the same grade level over once again next year."

A elementary version of this book is available! (same data just different drawings and examples)

Do you know anyone that could be a better student? Buy this book for them! Order 8 and save $1 per book plus get free shipping to the US and territories!

You can ask anyone you know how their children are doing in school. If any are having problems tell them you have a book that will help them if they read it and apply it. Guaranteed! I did this with: the UPS driver, (son and father read book together. Son does better, father, UPS driver, comes back and gets another for a friend. Several years later, the son is in the top of the class!) Bank Officer, (My daughter made it into the University!) Real estate agent, (My children read the book are now adults had no problems in school!) etc.

Learn how to study with interest, understand and have enough certainty to apply the data! Although the book will probably make sense when you read it you do not have to believe it. JUST TRY IT! It is no more religious than using a dictionary and there is no mention of religious organizations in this edition just schools that use these techniques.

This books is full of drawings to help you understand. See example below. The more you apply these study methods the better you will do. As you try them you will see that they work. The more you apply, the less problems you will have as a student. Here are examples:

You and others can study with more understanding. This book teaches the reader what to do when he or she gets into trouble studying!

For example if you attention wonders or you can not remember what you have just read. What do you do? Do not just read the material over and over again? No, You find a word or symbol that was not fully understood. This book covers how to find the words not fully understood (not always so easy to spot, for example you may know four meanings of a word but the author used the fifth) and look them up so so you feel good about what you are reading, stay interested and UNDERSTAND so you can use the data in your life! This is one of several barriers to understanding covered in this book.

Perhaps, you feel understanding words could not possibly be that important. Then please click here to read this inspiring story.

Remember, this is a picture book that was written to be easy to understand. However, if you feel you need more than just a book we have a list of schools and tutors.

If you know someone who could be a better student, buy the book and get them to read it. To the degree they they apply these study methods they will be a better student. If they apply the data at all you will be amazed at the results. Here are some more examples:

One teacher in Texas lectured from the original version of this book for the first six weeks of the school year. His students showed very significant improvements on the standardized test and outperformed their peers by a wide margin. For more details click here.

Corporations use this data to design their courses. You can also use it in your training programs!

"Learning How to Learn is the most important book a child could read. I state that from great experience. I'm a math tutor but I include study skills in my tutoring because they are so life changing. We read this book together and it greatly increases their abilities. It has pictures on most pages to increase fun and understanding.

I know the study methods in this book work. After two semesters of college I gave up and left school - Calculus had crushed me. I lost my confidence, my future, myself. Then I found these study methods and decided to give school another try. I went back and for the first time in my life I was a straight A student and truly understood what I was studying. This continued through graduation. I tutored math through college and I am a math tutor today. This would not have happened without these study methods and it is vital that all students learn them." Mary Lewis is a math tutor in Southern California. She consistently turns failing math students into winning math students, who now understand math and get As and Bs.

"The joy that I get to see in a student's face as it lights up because he has just understood something in his studies that he has had a confusion on his whole life is a joy I wish other teachers could experience, and the rewards of hearing from students that clearing up the meanings of words is the only way to learn are uplifting and are just some of the the benefits of using the book Learning How to Learn". Mark McQuade, Prinicipal Greenfields School, Oxford University Alumnus

Help your children or students with this valuable data! The book is full of pictures and drawing to make it easy to understand. Buy this book for them, get them to read and encourage them to apply it. To the degree it is applied the ability to study DOES IMPROVE! Fully applied a student studies in interest, understands and can use the data so they do well in life.

After the book is read and applied it, you will probably wish you always knew this data. You will wonder why it is not taught in schools and you will know you can learn what you ever you really want to!

Go ahead buy it. Read it and try the techniques. You will find they work! However, if you are not satisfied you can return the book for a full refund. We can make this offer because we know if you read it you will not want to return it.

If you go blank when you take tests this data will also help you.

©2006 L. Ron Hubbard Library. All rights reserved. (There is no mention of religous organizations in this edition.)

The book covers how to hand these and other symptoms so you can study and UNDERSTAND!

This book covers the same data as the original Learning How to Learn Book but it has been revised to communicate to teenagers and adults by changing the illustrations and examples.


  • Learning How to Learn
  • Why You Study
  • Trouble with Study
  • Barriers to Study
  • The First Barrier to Study: Lack of Mass
  • The Second Barrier to Study: The Skipped Gradient
  • The third and Most Important Barrier to Study: The Misunderstood Word
  • Learning the Meanings of Words
  • More About Learning New Words
  • The Eight Steps for Learning the Meaning of a Word
  • Demonstration and Learning
  • Clay Demonstration
  • How to Do a Clay Demo
  • Sketching
  • Summary
  • Congratulations!

©2006 L. Ron Hubbard Library. All rights reserved.

Availability: Usually ships the same business day

Learning How to Learn for Teenagers and Adults (softcover) 1584601507  List price: US$14.95  Sale price: US$14.00, 8 for US$104.00  

Learning How to Learn Teacher ManualLearning How to Learn Teacher Manual
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  • No matter what you do are your students less interested than you want?
  • Are your dreams of having bright interested students fading?
  • Using this manual you will learn how to restore a true interest in learning!

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  • Learning How to Learn (softcover)Learning How to Learn (softcover)
  • Learning How to Learn--Ages 8 & up
  • this book is a manual about how to study
  • help your children to get better grades

    Availability: Usually ships the same business day

    Learning How to Learn (Softcover) Ages 8 & up 1584600055  List price: US$14.95  Sale price: US$13.50  Language: 

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