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JILL Fox's Raw Food Video on DVD

Availability: Usually ships the same business day

jillrawdvd  US$24.95  

This DVD is approved by Aajonus Vonderplanitz, Author of We Want To Live and The Recipe for Living Without Disease

This is a food preperation video based on the books We Want to Live and The Recipe for Living Without Disease.

If you want more information about how to prepare raw delicious meals this DVD is for you!

Some of the food preparations covered are:

  • Pesto Sauce
  • Jill's Goddess Dressing
  • Asian Fish
  • Meat, Mushrooms & Pesto Bison
  • Lemon-Ginger Chicken
  • Mustard Sauce
  • Creamy Cheese Sauce
  • Moorea (an exotic polynesian fish/meat dish)
  • Skin Formula Skin Formula
  • Delicious Smoothies
  • Raw Ice Cream Ice Cream made from raw milk
  • Nut Butter Dessert
  • Cheese Custard Dessert

    Also demonstrated are:

    • Preparing meats, fish and chicken
    • Techniques for efficient food storage
    • How to select and open coconuts Opening Coconuts the Easy Way with Jon
    • Making coconut cream
    • Many uses of eggs
    • Vegetable juicing, including:
      • The amounts of juice each vegetable makes
      • Preserving vegetable juices

    All recipes are included in written form at the end of the video.

    Running time: 1 hour, 47 minutes

    Format: NTSC (USA standard), VHS tape, viewable in: USA, Canada, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Peru, The Phillipines, Taiwan, and Venezuela. Note: European format (PAL/SECAM) is not available at this time. Please email us if you are interested in a European format version.


    My husband Steve & I love your video! It's really well done...the sound quality, the focus, the lighting...it's obvious that you are experienced in video-making. Jill, you come across really well on camera.

    The recipes look easy and delicious...I'm looking forward to trying those meat & sauce recipes.

    Thank you both for the time & effort you put into making the video.


    Nadine W.

    I just wanted to let you know that your video was very helpful. It had more than I expected. I really liked how you showed how to store the things you made on the video. I'm so glad that you included those ending credits with all the info.

    Thanks for all the work you do to help those starting on the diet.

    Tyler C.

    Hi Jon Well I got to play the disks on a DVD player and it worked very well. Sampled (viewing) Jill's chicken , mustard section and moorea and the whole presentation looks great - will give proper feedback next week after viewing all and a little experimentation, but already I am getting an appetite for going into it more. As a divorced batchelor it is very easy to get into a rut of boring old dishes with no flair which gradually leads one into trying other things so I think this is a good service...also it seems a lot less extreme the way that you are doing it, and it really does look appetising

    I might need to get into a conversation with you again re these fabulous blenders that you have in the USA still cannot believe that there is nothing like in Europe

    Congratulations on getting this format sorted out


    Peter L.


    I just received and watched your raw food video. I found it very interesting and with a lot of good information. It's so great for newbie like me to be able to get information from experienced people.

    - Patrick S.

    Dear Jill/Jon,

    Thanks a lot for sending me your raw food video. I like it a lot and I think it makes an ideal companion to Aajonus' books.

    - Reinhard W.

    Hi, Jon,

    I discovered the sources in your video this past weekend!! I stopped the tape before the recipes the 1st time around. The sources are great - totally organized and easy to read. I love them.

    The outtakes were fun!

    I am looking forward to your second raw video.

    - Mary Beth C.

    Jill Fox's video tape, showing how to make RAF recipes, is very informative and professionally done. I was surprised at what a good job Jon and Jill did in putting together this video.

    Just wanted to pass this on.

    - Catherine T.

    Availability: Usually ships the same business day

    JILL Fox's Raw Food Video on DVD jillrawdvd  US$24.95  

The amazing energy drink - all super-food - no caffeine, no added sugarThe amazing energy drink - all super-food - no caffeine, no added sugarWhat gets a 71 year old man to push a cart of mail at a run and run around with a shopping car at the store? Seriously, I had to slow down I was worried I might hit someone! Than I went home and had a good night sleep! This is what I ate! I think it is yummy and all super-food!

Forget the energy drinks with caffeine this is the real deal! If it gets a 71 year old man up to pushing shopping carts around at a run what will it do for you? Try it and find out! At your own risk of course. (By the way I always put half the egg in boiling water for a few seconds and then crack open that part. Hopefully this kills bacteria and virus on the shell. I have been eating raw eggs for years and survived the Coronavirus pandemic at age 71!) Two great books on raw food: We Want to Live (An amazing story about how the author discovered raw food and how he saved lives with it.) and The Recipe For Living Without Disease. (Recipes by the same author) One thing about the recommendations in the above books. Don't juice; blend instead. You body needs the fiber!

This is all raw food so try at your own risk! However, you should know the Japanese eat a lot of raw fish, eggs and beef. They live on average 8 years longer than we do in the US.

I personally helped two old ladies regain their health with raw food. in 2003 I could no longer hike mountains without my body shutting down and having to slowly walk back down. Despite lots of supplements the problem persisted. After eating raw food for about six months the problem vanished and it has never happened since. I am now 71 and can still hike mountain trails.

  • 3 tablespoons of olive oil
  • 1 large avocado
  • 1/2 onion you can also use 3 small mushrooms
  • 3/4 of a cup of water
  • Blend the above first then add the egg.
  • 4 raw eggs
  • One more quick blend to mix in the egg!
  • That is it! ENJOY!
This makes is a lot! You might want to make half of this.

The picture above is a small opening canning jar with a traditional Oster Blender base. To make this work you need two gaskets as the jars do not extend down as far as the original blending bowl that comes with the machine. This comes in handy if you want to blend you own sauces.

Indulgent, Raw, Energy Boosting, weight loss drinkIndulgent, Raw, Energy Boosting, weight loss drinkYou can blend up a metabolism boosting raw drink that appears to promote big weight loss! (Drank two cups and lost three pounds. Needs more testing.)
  • Raw eggs from pasture raised chickens (If possible buy fresh at the farmers market near you.)
  • Raw cacao nibs
  • Green pineapple (maybe lower in sugar content. Buy green and put in refrigerator to keep from ripening.)
  • Normal blender works but I use mason jar (One less thing to clean, for many blenders small opening mason jar works. One thread widely spaced, 2.7 inches diameter.)
  • Fill up jar with 1/2 to full with chopped pineapple. (Will blend down to 1/4 full.)
  • Add 1 to 2 tablespoons of raw chocolate nibs
  • Blend thoroughly till all the nibs are broken up. Stop blending and take jar out of blender and shake to blend everything. Keep doing this till it is all blended up.
  • heat up bottom of egg shell and crack heated part. (see picture)
  • Add as many eggs as you want.
  • Blend for a few seconds
  • Enjoy! You will probably feel a surge in energy and metabolic rate increase in a few minutes! FEELING STRONG NOW! - Rocky 1

This is all raw food so try at your own risk! However, you should know the Japanese eat a lot of raw fish, eggs and beef. They live on average 8 years longer than we do in the US.

Two great books on raw food: We Want to Live (An amazing story about how the author discovered raw food and how he saved lives with it.) and The Recipe For Living Without Disease. (Recipes by the same author)

How to buy and ripen avocadosIf you need avocados for immediate consumption: Only buy mildly soft (just getting ripe) avocados if you need some ready to eat avocados. Because the avocados are already soft there might be bruises (brown inside).

The better approach:Buy the biggest ones you can pick out the avocados are mostly going to be hard. Green or brown is ok. You deserve the biggest avocados because you are buying avocados before they are ripe. When customer only buy ripe avocados many over-ripen and have to be thrown out so you are helping the store out buying pre-ripened avocados. You deserve the biggest ones!

Any that are quite soft are probably brown inside. If you want the avocados to ripen fast put them in a closed paper bag. If the area is warm you might want to skip the paper bag.

YOU HAVE TO CHECK THEM EVERY DAY SO PUT THEM IN A PLACE WHERE YOU WILL SEE THEM AND CHECK YOUR AVOCADOS. When they turn soft put them in the refrigerator. This slows down the ripening drastically and you can eat them as you desire!

Take the softest avocados out of the refrigerator and enjoy them. I hope you will try my energy drink!

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