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Illustrated Math dictionary
An Essential Student Resource
by Judith de Klerk

Availability: Usually ships the same business day

0673599590  US$21.29  

This is a beginning Math dictionary that has been recommended to us as a dictionary students can understand by Mary Lewis, a math tutor who gets excellent results. Because of the results she gets we highly regard her recommendations.

From the publisher:

Grades 5-8

Put the power of knowledge at your fingertips! This revised edition is packed with more than 500 definitions of mathematics terms, accompanied by stunning illustrative support, including charts, graphs, and diagrams that add clarity to meaning.

Guidewords appear at the top of every page and definitions are written in a student-friendly style with cross-references to related terms to make finding and understanding information simple.

The Illustrated Math Dictionary

  • Presents mathematics terms in easy-to- understand language
  • Provides key information, including universal symbols and formulas for plane figures and geometric solids, in a useful reference section at the back of the book
  • Makes mathematics more visual and meaningful for all students

Click here for a sample page.


The language of mathematics often confuses children, and it is sometimes difficult for the teacher to explain the meaning of mathematical terms simply but accurately.

This new revised edition offers an up-to-date dictionary of math terms used in elementary and middle schools. The definitions are written in simple language that children can understand, yet are clear, precise, and concise. The terms are supported by hundreds of examples and illustrations.

This is essentially a dictionary for students, but I hope that teachers and parents will also find it helpful.

Judith de Klerk

Availability: Usually ships the same business day

Illustrated Math dictionary
An Essential Student Resource
by Judith de Klerk
0673599590  US$21.29  

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