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Applied Scholastics Academy of Hollywood, Hollywood, CA

Private Schooling GRADES K thru 6th

For students between Kindergarten and the 6th grade, Applied Scholastics Academy of Hollywood offers an alternative to the traditional school setting. While this service exists mainly for the child who is doing poorly in school, many families opt for this service as their child gets more attention than in a typical classroom and they are able to progress at their own speed. Students in this program are interviewed and tested 4 times a year, while on a personal study program which includes study skills and subjects such as Reading, Language and Math. Registration testing and Tuition fees are charged. Space is limited!

Contact the school today: 818-660-7681

For students who have been falling behind or labeled as "off track", a slow learner or learning disabled with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Or should be getting better grades. We:

  • Cancel their labels
  • Encourage them to study things they are interested in.
  • Clear up their prior confusions.
  • Bring them up to their grade level and beyond.
  • Our normal results might be considered miraculous by some. (See testimony from parents below.)

Hours available: Monday through Fridays 10am to 3pm.

After producing hundreds of incredible student products, expanding to the largest they have ever been and getting over 500 children off of medication and hopelessness, H.E.L.P. Miami has now set up a successful branch their successful school in Hollywood, California!

The Applied Scholastics Academy of Hollywood Program here in Los Angeles started their school year on September 4th 2007 and there have already been huge wins and major changes in the students attending the school The Applied Scholastics Academy of Hollywood is a non-profit, charitable organization whose mission is to eradicate illiteracy and empower the individual to become a competent and independent learner, with sound study skills and communication skills that make it possible to succeed in life.

The number of students we serve has been growing at a tremendous rate as word spreads of our excellent results. (Please read the story from a happy parents below and click on the link at the bottom of the page to see the report from HELP Hollywood.) Our highly successful actions are based on the study methods of L. Ron Hubbard, (for example: helping students spot exactly what they do not understand, having students help each other and having students fully understand something before they go on to something more advanced) each student is tested, interviewed and put on a personal program that clears up prior confusions, puts in basics and includes study & communication skills.

We offer free tutoring certain days of the week. Call for more info.

Applied Scholastics Academy of Hollywood Grades K - 6
1559 Gordon Street
Hollywood, CA 90028

Successes from tutoring:

I studied English for many years in Thailand but never understood the basics of English. Before I did not understand what the tutor was trying to teach me. The first time I got tutored at H.E.L.P. I started learning the basics and started to learn how to pronounce words. I keep getting better and better each week. It is easy and I understand. My tutor teaches me slowly and never pressures me. I am always happy to come to tutoring! If I can not come to tutoring one week I miss my tutor!


Surrounding areas from our location are: Atwater, Glendale, Edendale, Silver Lake, Echo Park, Hancock Park, Park La Brea, West Hollywood an Beverly Hills

Students studying at their own pace. They learn what to do if they are having problems studying and they get help whenever they need it.
Students studying at their own pace. They learn what to do if they are having problems studying and they get help whenever they need it.

From Parents:

Here is a story of a student in LA that enrolled in our private school. He is 13 and had basically given up on school, to the point that his parents opted to home school him, which was not going very well. Here is his mom's letter:

"I am very pleased with the help that my son is receiving at H.E.L.P. He has not wanted to go to school for a long time. It got so bad that he asked me to teach him and we spent a whole year at home trying to sort out what his trouble was with learning. We made some progress but it was not the best solution, given he still wanted more help and wanted very much to learn.

Since starting on the H.E.L.P. program my son is happy and he is learning. He has really calmed down and is growing up. It would be hard to write down everything I see since it all seems to be so subtle. In the end all the little subtle changes I see add up to big changes. He seems so much more comfortable with himself. He is able to see and pay attention to things for so much longer than ever before and is completing tasks without frustration and upset. This is something we would always see in the past. Usually he would just drop everything in frustration and go out and climb a tree to get away from it all. Now he is able to think things through and sort things out on his own without someone having to walk him through it. What a great gift to give to a person. There is nothing more valuable than the ability to think for yourself. I am so happy to be a part of this program! Thank you for all you do.
" BC

Student using a Dictionary
Student using a dictionary.

This is the first school where all the subjects are fun.

At my other schools the subjects were so boring, like math, but this school makes it so much fun! I used to HATE math in my other schools but now I have fun with it, also with spelling.

The art classes are fun and I have learned a lot.

Science I like the best.

I just really like this school.

N.S. Age 8

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