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Ev (Electric Vehicle) Mode switch for Prius 2004 - 2009

EVswitch  List price: US$50.00  Sale price: US$30.00  

This feature allows the Prius to drive only on electricity with the gasoline engine shut off up to 35 mph and with low acceleration. Our switch allows you to go into EV mode, No waiting!

This is useful if you want to move the car a few blocks without starting the engine (for example moving a few blocks while shopping)

Another use is to prevent the gasoline engine from starting and running continuously to warm itself up when you first start the car. For example, if the first part of your drive is mostly down hill you can use this feature to keep the engine from starting while you do your downhill driving and as soon as you accelerate to go up hill the engine will start. Without this feature the gasoline engine would be running while you go downhill to warm itself up.

If you want to come or leave home quietly you can use this feature.

If you do not want to foul the air in a building or your garage you can use this feature.

You can be smart and use the ev mode intelligently you can save gas. When the ev mode starts your center console will automatically go into the energy screen. The feature will let you drain the battery down to two bars however if do not want to put this additional strain on the battery you can go out of the mode before this happens. If you excessively use the feature you will just drain the battery more than usual, possibly shortening your battery life and lowering your overall MPG.

The feature came standard in the Japanese and European versions of the car and the programming is there we are just providing a switch that pops securely into the hole right next to the cabin lights dimmer switch, the cabling ready to go and instructions so it can be easily installed in about 30 minutes to 2 hours.

  • Some dealers may consider this switch voids the warranty though it is a feature already programmed into the car. Most of the 2004 to 2009 Prius are already off warranty anyway.
      The Federal Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act of 1975 prohibits a manufacture from curtailing warranty coverage due to after market parts unless it can be demonstrated that they caused the problem. (For more information click here and scroll down go to paragraphs under "Tie-In Sales" Provisions.)

  • Using this feature you can bring the battery down to two bars on the energy screen which might put additional stress on your battery. Drive up steep grades and running the air condition can also bring the battery down to two bars and if you use this feature intelligently you can avoid the two bar draw. So not a big drawback.

    This is a feature that was programmed into the car and standard in Europe and Japan. So why was in not included in the US Prius 2004 to 2009? If you use the feature to go to a high speed road and then do hard acceleration while the engine is still warming up it will cause more pollution. This is probably the reason it was not included in the US version of the cars and is the major drawback.

    Upsides. You have another switch on your dash. You can save some gas and have fun playing with it and use it as already mentioned.

    What is included: The switch, the wiring needed ready to plug in and detailed instructions with lots of pictures on how to install this feature. The switch just snaps in securely.

    How much work to install? 30 minutes to 2 hours.

    What has to be done to install. Remove the lower glove compartment and two panels to the right. (They snap out.) Remove the lowest connector block (housing) on the main computer.

    Insert one connector into the housing and crimp to one other wire and bolt a grounding cable.

    String the wire across the dash. We recommend you remove the three drivers side panels to help you do this. (Two screws and they snap right out.)

    Snap out a blank for the switch connect the wires snap in our switch.

    Snap in all the panels, the glove compartment and put in the two screws.

    Enjoy the ev mode.

    Ev (Electric Vehicle) Mode switch for Prius 2004 - 2009 EVswitch  List price: US$50.00  Sale price: US$30.00  
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