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The Small Business Success Manual eBook in PDF format

096625550X-ebook  US$28.95  

The electronic version gives you everything that is in the book. Plus you get it right away and you don't have to worry about delivery problems. You can print it out or leave it on your computer to reference whenever you need a bright idea to solve a business problem. If you found only one bright idea in this book it would be worth it, but you will find dozens of bright ideas that you can use in your business.

About the book:

This is a well laid out book, which covers some very valuable and powerful principles.

This book covers

  • The relationship between Knowledge, Responsibility and Control
  • Putting order into your business
  • The anatomy of control
  • The expansion formula
  • Fixed ideas: Why you want to get rid of them
  • Promotion and Marketing
  • Do your customers really know you exist?
  • How important is promotion?
  • Letters and phone calls
  • Using surveys to boost your bottom line
  • How to effectively sell your service or product
  • High integrity selling What's In it for you?
  • Hiring: How to separate the wheat from the chaff
  • Using a staff incentive program to increase production
  • The emotional tone scale, Predicting what people will do.
  • Clarifying what a product is.
  • How important is speed of service?
  • Exchanging in abundance

From the publisher

The Small Business Success Manual is based on the works of best selling author and world-renowned educator, L. Ron Hubbard. More than 76,000 business have used Mr. Hubbard's technology! The bottom line is and always will be RESULTS!

With The Small Business Success Manual you will learn:
  • How to increase your business income without cutting corners
  • An exact formula for expansion
  • How to sell even if you are "backed off" by selling
  • How to effectively and inexpensively promote your business
  • When hiring, how to "Separate the Wheat from the Chaff"
  • How to predict the behavior of your staff, your customers, even your competitors!
  • The story behind the fundamental principle: "Control = Income"
  • And much more...

Reviews and what customers have said...

"I have used the Hubbard management techniques ever since I started my business over 20 years ago. No matter what is going on in my business I have an exact formula with specific steps that I can apply to achieve the next level of production. I have grown from one location doing $700 per week in total income to 63 locations doing over $400,000 per week. I can attribute this directly to following these principles." Jim Johnson, Founder Mr. Jim's Pizza, Addison, Texas

"For the first 14 years I practiced law I did it by the seat of my pants and by hit or miss. If something worked fairly well, I would implement it, and the overall results were poor at best. Then 22 years ago I discovered L. Ron Hubbard's administrative technology, and found there was a way I could reliably get new business in and handle it effortlessly with good results every time.
      "I learned if something bad happened, there was a tool to help explain it and to pull it out; if something good happened, there is a tool to make it better and keep it that way. With this technology one has what seems to be distilled common sense and experience available at one's fingertips, and answers to every question."
L. D. Sledge, Attorney at Law, LA

"We had experienced an incredible surge of expansion in our firm from initially following a number of very basic management techniques as noted in Mr. Hubbard's management technology."
      "One of the very interesting points our managers found when implementing his methods on a larger scale was the absolute lack of the added 'job stress' and 'high pressures' that tend to develop when a company attempts an expansion phase or implements even minor management changes. In fact, employee and management level enthusiasm and even a sense of purpose has developed and increased a hundredfold directly attributable to our implementation of this technology.
      "Our sphere of influence in the market place is so much stronger and stable that we have all agreed to continue to employ this methodology as we continue to grow."
R.C. Loehwing, CEO, Broadcaster's Network International, Ltd.

"Being self-employed as a Realtor, I've suffered from the peaks and valleys most sales-oriented professionals encounter. The only way I've ever been able to break this cycle and keep my business on an even keel and expanding is by using technology developed by L. Ron Hubbard. At this point in my career, I couldn't image NOT having this technology!" Mark Pope, Realtor

"My wife and I run our chiropractic office with L. Ron Hubbard's administrative technology. Before, the practice ran us! We had much stress, long hours, poor results for our marketing efforts. Now we help more people, in less time, with excellent results." Alan Dunn, Chiropractor

Publisher: Workable Solutions, Pages: 198, ISBN: 0-9662555-0-X

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What customers have to say...

"I love the book so far. It is very interesting. And I didn't have any problem getting it." J.C.

The Small Business Success Manual eBook in PDF format 096625550X-ebook  US$28.95  

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