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Comments on buying a hybrid car!

  • Brakes last much longer unless you make lots of sudden stops because the car generates electricity to stop the car and the pads only engage when you step on the breaks hard. (This may not be true for all "hybrids" but it is true for all full hybrids. This feature is called regenerative breaking. In 2011 I had my breaks check on my 2001 Prius with 140 thousand miles on it. Front pads still had 40% and rear pads still had 50%)

  • The resale value is much higher than most other cars and this will only improves if the cost of gas rises. (As of May 2016 the price of gas is fairly low. What will happen in the future? If electric cars become wildly successful [Thank you! Tesla Motors] it could stay low.)

  • You are using less gas and polluting less thus contributing less to destructive climate changes and saving money.

  • The Prius and probably the rest of the Toyota Hybrids do use Piston Rings with less tension. As a result they can foul up earlier than normal causing oil burn, oil that get dirty too soon and ruining your catalytic converter. However this can be prevented go to: Burning oil problems solved - how to clean piston rings (oil & compression) and prevent catalytic converter problems If you have over 100,000 miles on your engine you need this data!

  • The fear of a huge financial outlay because the hybrid or high voltage battery has failed. Has some validity after the warranty expries.
    • First depending on the state in the US where you have a 100,000 or 150,000 mile warranty.

    • Secondly: when the warranty expires the battery pack can often be just repaired. However such repairs are fairly temporary 1 month to 5 years at the longest. When you make such repairs it is time to start saving money to replace the pack or plan on selling the car.

      If you do keep the car the cost per mile will be extremely low even if you do buy a whole new battery pack.

All of the above more than offset the additional upfront cost and any potential added cost in maintenance or battery replacement.

New hybrid Batteries and recharge rather than replacing!New hybrid Batteries and recharge rather than replacing!Repair the Prius hybrid battery and save!

Availability: Usually ships the same business day

New Hybrid Battery, and Hybrid Battery Recharging is cheaper! Battery repair  US$400.00  

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