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Collins Updates from the Intense Language Office

All updates are cumulative, so each latest update includes all the changes and additions of the previous ones.

The updates contain the following improvements to the original versions 3.xx on CD-ROM:

    3.33 from 31 March 2003

    All programs:

  • added special error messages when programs are unable to save student or player file;

    Collins dictionaries / Vocabulary Builders:

  • added full Unicode support for drag-and-drop and copy/paste text operations;

  • added keyboard shortcut for pasting Clipboard text in non-Unicode format (Ctrl+Shift+V);

  • added the facility to drag-and-drop text from the dictionary using right mouse button;

  • added "Quick dictionary opening" mode which keeps an additional copy of the program in the computer memory for quick opening of the new dictionary window (this mode is automatically enabled after update);

  • added special error message when dictionary is unable to save MemoPad file;

  • sound base names are now displayed using selected interface language;

  • fixed the bug when incorrect Help page displayed from the dictionary properties;

  • fixed the problem with incorrect size of dictionary text area on some computers;

  • fixed the problem with merging sound bases on some computers;

  • added the facility to change group folder for saving student files;

  • added automatic saving of group name when running Shooting Gallery and Crosswords;

  • added automatic saving of group and student name when opening the Shooting Gallery from the dictionary with the MemoPad currently in use;

  • added the facility to download and install additional interface languages;

    3.31 from 13 November 2002

  • fixed the problem of displaying AudioPad sound cursor on some LCD monitors;

  • fixed the bug in scrolling dictionary text after moving Backward when using cross referencing function;

  • fixed the bug in multi-step Undo/Redo when typing words and changed Redo keyboard shortcut from Ctrl+Y to Ctrl+Shift+Z;

  • added a shortcut for fast copying of the word typed in the quick search field of one part of the dictionary into the quick search field of the other part of the dictionary (Shift+Tab);

  • added a shortcut for fast minimizing of all open dictionary windows (Shift+Esc);

  • added automatic saving and restoring position and size of any number of windows of one and the same dictionary;

  • added the facility to save and quickly restore the position and size of the dictionary window using keyboard shortcuts (F2...F12);

  • added the facility to drag and drop the text into the Trap holding down Ctrl key and choose the necessary dictionary from the pop up menu;

  • added the facility to double click a MemoPad file in the Explorer window which then opens this MemoPad in the corresponding dictionary window;

  • added the facility to quickly copy the sound data onto the hard disk (click on speaker button when the dictionary CD-ROM is not inserted into the CD-drive);

  • added the facility to create an unlimited number of student groups which can be opened using the shortcuts on the Desktop;

  • added "Remind pronunciation" mode in which the program pronounces the correctly typed word in the Shooting Gallery exercise;

  • changed the way of setting the speed of the target in the Shooting Gallery so now twice as much time is allowed for entering accented European characters than for entering unaccented Roman letters;

  • Administration mode is now activated only after entering administration password in the Dictionary Properties;

    3.29 from 16 April 2002

  • the contents of the MemoPad can now be copied to Windows Clipboard and then pasted to any document for printing or making a report (use Ctrl+Shift+C shortcut or hold down Shift key and click "Copy text" button in the dictionary toolbar);

  • "Clear MemoPad" button and keyboard shortcut Ctrl+E now erases only the words of selected language from the MemoPad (to erase entire MemoPad select "All words" mode);

  • added the multi-select files support in "Open MemoPad" and "Append to MemoPad from..." dialogues for quick merging any number of separate MemoPads;

  • fixed the problem with sending the MemoPad from the dictionary to the Shooting Gallery on some computers;

    3.28 from 08 February 2002

  • fixed the problem with updating Intense Language Office fonts on some computers; students' and players' files can now be removed to Recycle Bin and quickly unerased in case of accidental deletion;

  • added a shortcut for quick closing all opened dictionary windows (Ctrl+Shift+Q);

    3.27 from 02 January 2002

  • provide full compatibility with Windows XP

3.23 from 31 August 2001

Collins dictionaries / Vocabulary Builders / Crossword Generator:
  • fixed the compatibility problem which caused fonts to be incorrectly displayed on some computers;
  • added automatic analysis of the default system background colour admissibility for the background of the dictionary, exercises and crosswords when changing the system colour scheme;

Collins dictionaries / Vocabulary Builders:
  • added a confirmation dialogue before deleting and copying sound databases;
  • added a shortcut for quick deletion of all typed characters in the Shooting Gallery exercise (Ctrl+Spacebar);

3.22 from 27 July 2001

Vocabulary Builders:
  • any demo movies installed manually from the CD-ROM will now be automatically removed from the hard disk when the product is removed;

Vocabulary Builders / Collins dictionaries:
  • added option to delay an automatic dictionary run - such option enables you to avoid problems which occur when too many other programs run automatically when Windows starts;
  • added option of sound playback and recording using 8-bits sound cards;
  • added a multi-step undo/redo (Ctrl+Z / Ctrl+Y) when typing words;

Vocabulary Builders / Collins dictionaries / Crossword Generator:
  • fixed the problem with displaying accented European characters in non-European Windows versions (Chinese/Japanese/Hebrew etc.);
  • added option to use default system background colour for the background of the dictionary, exercises and crosswords instead of grey;
  • added automatic positioning of pop-up list of meanings when moving the cursor over a crossword grid;

Bridge to English:
  • added option of sound playback and recording using 8-bits sound cards;
  • added changes to some of the exercises of the lessons in the course;
  • added pop-up tooltips to the score and talking clock fields;
  • the process of copying students' files is now displayed;

3.12 from 05 March 2001

All programs:
  • fixed the compatibility problems which prevented the programs being run on some computers;

Collins dictionaries:
  • fixed the problems when using the dictionary in "Always on Top" mode;
  • improved view of word meanings on the blackboard in the "Shooting Gallery" exercise;
  • added option to stop the target at any time in the "Shooting Gallery" exercise and see the unknown word (Esc key);
  • fixed the bug in the crossword generator when generator sometimes could not complete filling the crossword grid;
  • more convenient keyboard and mouse control for doing the Crossword exercise (see electronic "Help" reference);
  • improved view mode for the list of meanings on Crossword completion;
  • added option to use any folder for students' files which enables one to work with unlimited number of groups and students (command line option /GROUP:"folder");

Collins dictionaries / Crossword Generator:
  • fixed the bug in counting scores and building statistics on Crossword completion;

Bridge to English:
  • fixed the bug in copying updated students' files;

3.03 from 28 August 2000

Collins dictionaries:
  • improved the scrolling function when using MemoPad, TextPad and Learning Mode of the Exercises;
  • fixed the compatibility problem in the sound playing function which on some computers caused a click at the end of the sound;
  • fixed the compatibility problem in the MemoPad which on some computers caused adding the first headword of the dictionary (usually "A") instead of the chosen words;

3.02 from 26 June 2000

Collins dictionaries:
  • improved dictionary scrolling function;
  • improved cross-referencing function;
  • when doing crosswords, the keyboard layout previously selected in the dictionary properties is automatically activated;

3.01 from 25 May 2000

Collins dictionaries:
  • fixed problems using WinHelp;
  • fixed bugs in the Crossword "List of meanings";
  • fixed the problem with Alt+F4 shortcut which now always closes the Exercises;
  • fixed the problem with incorrect dictionary window position when the dictionary button is on the Task Bar, but the dictionary window opens outside the visible part of the screen;
  • fixed the problem with a newly added student disappearing from the group when this student exits from the Exercises to the "List of students";
  • fixed the problem with Uninstall when after removing all the dictionaries the dictionary shortcut remains in the Start menu;
  • improved formatting of the text in the TextPad window;
  • text copied from the dictionary headword never includes a line-break character;
  • added the automatic disabling of "Always on Top" mode with maximized dictionary window;
  • "White flag" button and F4 key now swich to the learning mode with the focus on the last word used in the Shooting gallery or Crossword;
  • opening the Exercises automatically starts the Collins dictionaries, so the dictionaries are always accessible in the Learning Mode, the Shooting Gallery timeout and after finishing a crossword;

Collins Talking Bilingual Dictionaries by Intense
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