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"How to" Booklets for Business

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booklet  US$6.99  Choose: 

Choose from the seven booklets:
  • Tools for the Workplace
    • Handling Confusion in the Workplace
    • Improving communication
    • Handling Exhaustion in the Workaday World
    • The Importance of Work
  • Targets and Goals
    • Administrative Scale
    • Making Planning an Actuality
    • Writing Program Targets
    • Planning and Targets
    • Strategic Planning
    • Battle Plans
    • Maxims of Programs
  • Investigations
    • Investigation and Its Use
    • Logic
    • Unlocking Logic
    • Illogics
      • Omitted Data
      • Altered Sequence
      • Dropped Time
      • Falsehood
      • Altered Importance
      • Wrong Target
      • Wrong Source
      • Contrary Facts
      • Added Time
      • Added Inapplicable Data
      • Incorrectly Included Datum
      • Assumed Identities are Not Identical
      • Assumed Similarities are not Similar or Same Class of Thing
      • Assumed Difference are Not Different
    • Handling Data
    • Use
    • Pluspoints
    • Data and Situation Analyzing
    • Familiarity
    • Investigatory Actions
    • Whys
    • Doing an Investigation
    • Successful Investigations
  • Fundamentals of Public Relations
    • Public Relations (definition)
    • The Missing Ingredient
    • Publics
    • Surveys
    • How to Handle Rumors and Whispering Campaigns
    • Easing Human Relations
    • Public Relations Application
  • The Cause of Suppression (or the failing business)
    • The Antisocial Personality
      • Attributes
      • The Basic Reason
      • Relief
    • The Social Personality
      • Attributes
      • The Basic Motivation
    • Basic Terms and Definitions
    • Potential Trouble (PTS) Source Handling
    • Further Data on PTS Handling
    • Ease of Handling
  • Ethics and the Conditions
    • The Basics of Ethics
    • Conditions: States of Operation
    • The Measurement of Survival Statistics
    • Statistics - What They Are
    • Reading Statistics
    • Statistic Trends - Stat Interpretation
    • The Condition Formulas
    • Completing Conditions Formulas
    • Conditions Below Non-Existence
    • Conditions Application
  • The Emotional Tone Scale - Usage: How to choose people and how to help other survive better.
    • The Tone Scale
    • The Tone Scale in Full
    • Characteristics on the Tone Scale
    • Observing the Obvious
    • The Hubbard Chart of Human Evaluation

Each booklet is based on the works of L. Ron Hubbard and comes chock full of helpful information and a series of practical exercises for you to do to gain a working knowledge of what you just read.

"I recently did a course which covered these booklets. Each one was more helpful in my business than I imagined. They helped me to really organize our business, plan for the future, and figure out a progress plan on how we would achieve our expansion goals. I knew I'd get something out of the course, but WOW, I sure didn't expect so many useful techniques." --Ruth

Availability: Usually ships the same business day

"How to" Booklets for Business booklet  US$6.99  Choose: 
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