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The Best Campfire Stories - A collection of tales to spook, thrill and freak you out in the woods!

Availability: Usually ships the same business day

978-0979637995  US$8.08  

Product Description
The editors of THE BEST CAMPFIRE STORIES have selected and compiled this collection of the greatest original campfire tales ever told! Inside this book you find hair-raising tales galore as aliens, madmen, werewolves and ghosts leap out of the pages to spook, thrill and even make you laugh out loud. Some of the tales are true stories that actually happened, some are tall tales that never happened and some of them fall somewhere in-between. We'll let you decide. But whatever you do, don't get too freaked out. They're just stories-aren't they? "If you want to add some spine-tingling excitement to your next adventure in the Great Outdoors, don't forget to bring along a copy of this book! A MUST-READ FOR CAMPERS!" Kelly O'Rourke, author of the Halloween horror novel series.

Publisher: Outdoors Club International

Authors: Dick Sullivan, Myron Wszelaki, Kelly Reno, Bob Sullivan, Frank Clark, Elizabeth C. Sullivan, Lucy Quigley, Barbara Oliver, Barbara Bowman, Garrett Martell, Tomi Lyn Bowling


    "Because It Tastes Good" by Dick Sullivan

      The time is the turn of the twentieth century, a time when the memory of the Civil War is less distant from the Southern mind than the Vietnam War is from our own. Survivors of America’s bloodiest conflict have long since returned to the rebuilding of lives changed forever, in small communities everywhere, including a scattered mountain district in northern Georgia, where a disfigured veteran hides a terrible secret from those he loves dearest. Because It Tastes Good is an atmospheric tracing of the events leading to the revelation of that dark secret and the fate of a young child at the crossroads between his own tragic flaws and the innocence of which he is truly made. This is a tale best read with a light on, and never to children of the age of the story’s main character. Adults beware: the child that lives on in you may not let you sleep either.

    "Redemption" by Myron Wszelaki

    "Sleep With One Eye Open" by Kelly Reno

    "Night Gobblers" by Bob Sullivan

      “Can you tell when someone is watching you, even before you see them? Some people can at least some of the time.

      Can you tell when something is watching you in the night and wants to kill and eat you, even before you see it, hear it or smell it? Most people can, though they may not acknowledge it.”

      Here’s a lesson in night fear, where it comes from and how to live to tell about it.

    The Dare by Frank Clark

      What could happen when two teenage boys accept a dare to camp in a graveyard on Halloween night? Usually, not much. But what lies ahead for them is not the usual. As they are drawn into a new reality, what once was is no more. Fear can paint a dreadful picture and a former, now deceased, teacher may be that “special” picture that always resides in the dark and plays by no rules but her own.

    Old Medicine Woman by Elizabeth C. Sullivan

    The Back Road by Lucy Quigley

    Snickers by Kelly Reno

    Ghost Camper by Barbara Oliver

    The Howling by Barbara Bowman

    A Campfire Tale by Garrett Martell

    The Mill by Corinne Simon Dunea

    The Legend of the Milky Way by Joanna Celeste

    Cabin in the Hollow by Kat Martell

    Don't Read This Aloud by Oliver O'Rourke

    The Old Man by Barbara Bowman

    The Cellar by Tomi Lyn Bowling

    • What lurks in the cold, dark basement on Kingswood Grove?
    • Will Jeremy ever get out of the cellar alive?
    • Is Jeremy's sister just asleep in bed upstairs or is she.....?

    The Bear Story by Rebecca Mate

      An adventurous boy, camping in the woods with his mom, dad and bear-fearing younger brother, comes in literal contact with a bear cub. Can he think on his feet, save his fear-frozen brother and outwit the bear and its protective mother to avoid a family tragedy?

    Eva's Phone Call by Susan Stroh

    A Crack in the Lake by Kay Farkas

    Truth Be Told by Barbara Bowman

    The Indian Boy by Ava Wrightsman

    Casper and Basper by Ray Peck

    Seven Leg Sam by Catrina Worth

    Fish Lake by Bud Hayes

      You may have heard that saying "the fishing was so good they were jumping into the boat". Well here is one of the tales of an encounter where it really happened. You don't have to believe me, you can ask my brother who was there also.

    Hank's Tale by Mitchell Esterman

    "Gone" by Tomi Lyn Bowling
    • A parents worst nightmare. Where are all of the children disappearing to? Who's taking the children from Glenwood?
    • "The bright blue, sun filled sky, suddenly turns black with dark clouds, howling winds, horrific noise and after seven minutes it stops, the sky clears and the sun shines brightly once more. But when the darkness leaves, it does not leave alone. Who's next?

    "The Outhouse" by Kelly Reno
      A true story about a girl who is locked in an outhouse as a prank and ...

    The Axe in the Woods by Dick Sullivan

      There’s something lurking in the woods here, too, but a little trick that gets played on the reader of Mrs. Ogilvie’s Gift is not the point. The point is that nightmares, terrors, pitfalls and demonic possessions of campfire tales have their own too-similar counterpart in the real world in which we live, all the horrors of our flesh and blood lives being all too tragically of human rather than supernatural origin. Drugs, street crime, youth gangs, “growing up fast” and a kind of overall moral disconnect stalk the streets and neighborhoods in more guises than most parents can deal with. Parents need help. Kids need help. But help in what? In knowing simple, practical, common sense guidelines that can shine through the confusions of modern life and provide lifelong principles by which to chart one’s way from extreme youth into full, responsible, ethical, happy adulthood. Mrs. Ogilvie’s Gift, told by its narrator as a last tale around a campfire in a competition of ghost stories, gets right to the heart of a parent’s dilemma: how to retrieve a child on the brink of a lifetime of disaster and sorrow, and do it in such a way that a child is not broken in the process, his own free will not trampled beneath “authority”. A child however small is his own man or woman; his choices have to be his own if he is to learn his life’s lessons toward securing his own happiness. This last tale in The Best Campfire Stories tells this tale, and most importantly is itself an introduction to its readers to a small but mighty booklet that has the power to change their own lives, and the lives of those whom they, too, would like to help. A fitting, moving and ultimately uplifting conclusion to a night of ghost stories around a campfire.

    Availability: Usually ships the same business day

    The Best Campfire Stories - A collection of tales to spook, thrill and freak you out in the woods! 978-0979637995  US$8.08  
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