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Barron's Mathematics Study Dictionary

Availability: Usually ships the same business day

0764103032  List price: US$9.95  Sale price: US$9.56  

An inexpensive dictionary with good illustrations and that groups the words by subject so they are easy to find.

This book has an index at the front so it can be used as a quick reference, however, the book is organized to cover the basic terms in the following areas:
  • abbreviations and mnemonics
  • accuracy
  • algebra (basics)
  • algebra (equations)
  • algebra (functions)
  • angeles
  • arithmetic (basics)
  • arithmetic (commercial)
  • arithmetic (the four rules)
  • calculus
  • circle
  • cones, cylinders, and spheres
  • conic sections
  • coordinate systems
  • curves
  • cycloids
  • eponyms
  • factors, multiples, and primes
  • formulas for shapes
  • fractions
  • geometry
  • geometry of the circle
  • graphs
  • information technology
  • kinematics
  • logic (language)
  • logic (practice)
  • matrices
  • navigation
  • number diversions
  • number forms
  • number systems
  • numbers
  • pi
  • polyhedrons
  • probability
  • pyramids and prisms
  • quadrilaterals
  • recreational mathematics
  • sequences and series
  • sets
  • space and shapes
  • statistics (basic)
  • statistics (graphical)
  • statistics (numerical)
  • statistics (techniques)
  • structures
  • symbols
  • symmetry
  • techniques
  • topology
  • transformation geometry
  • triangles
  • trigonometry
  • units and conversions
  • units and the SI
  • vectors
  • word confusions (words with similar but different meanings)
  • word origins
  • xyz (the history of these symbols in mathematics

From the Publisher:

Focused especially for use by students on the middle-to-high school level, this quick-reference source is helpful to anybody who needs to know the meaning of math terms in clear, simple language. An opening alphabetized Wordfinder index contains more than 1,000 words, and directs readers to the page where the word is defined. Where needed, the definition is accompanied by examples. The book also features helpful illustrative diagrams for instance, a full page demonstrating the geometry of the circle, another page showing quadrilateral geometric shapes, and still others showing ways of charting statistics, measuring vectors, and more. Here is an imaginative new approach to mathematics, a great classroom supplement, a useful homework helper for middle school and high school students, and a reference book that belongs in every school library.

From the reviews: "I recently completed several years' commitment to elementary school and science glossaries...I therefore can view with appreciation, indeed with some amazement, how Tapson and his editors have handled the nearly insurmountable difficulties inherent in such a project...Just about everything in secondary-level mainstream mathematics, pure and applied, is tidily handled in a classroom-friendly way...I find the book easy to use, clear in presentation, adequate for the basics, and splendid in its efforts to support and extend student inquiry." -- H. Don Allen, The Mathematics Teacher, September 1999

Paperback / 128 Pages / / 1998

Copyright 2001, Barrons Educational Series, Inc.

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Availability: Usually ships the same business day

Barron's Mathematics Study Dictionary 0764103032  List price: US$9.95  Sale price: US$9.56  

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