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How to buy and ripen avocados

If you need avocados for immediate consumption: Only buy mildly soft (just getting ripe) avocados if you need some ready to eat avocados. Because the avocados are already soft there might be bruises (brown inside).

The better approach:Buy the biggest ones you can pick out the avocados are mostly going to be hard. Green or brown is ok. You deserve the biggest avocados because you are buying avocados before they are ripe. When customer only buy ripe avocados many over-ripen and have to be thrown out so you are helping the store out buying pre-ripened avocados. You deserve the biggest ones!

Any that are quite soft are probably brown inside. If you want the avocados to ripen fast put them in a closed paper bag. If the area is warm you might want to skip the paper bag.

YOU HAVE TO CHECK THEM EVERY DAY SO PUT THEM IN A PLACE WHERE YOU WILL SEE THEM AND CHECK YOUR AVOCADOS. When they turn soft put them in the refrigerator. This slows down the ripening drastically and you can eat them as you desire!

Take the softest avocados out of the refrigerator and enjoy them. I hope you will try my energy drink!

The amazing energy drink - all super-food - no caffeine, no added sugar
The amazing energy drink - all super-food - no caffeine, no added sugar

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