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Applied Scholastics™ Phonics and Reading program

Laid out in an exact step by step process that quickly moves students from non-readers to readers with understanding of what they are reading.

Each story only uses words previously taught in the workbook. Surprisingly , no other program we’ve seen does this.

That’ s the key to certainty and reading confidence.

The teacher manuals are laid out in a step by step sequence giving explicit directions so that nothing is left to a "guess" and to ensure the best possible success for the students and teachers.

How it works!

Failure to learn sounds (of which there are 72 major ones in the English language) prevents students from learning to read. It is easy to see that a student couldn’t possibly be competent in math without knowing the symbols for add, subtract, multiply and divide. It is no different with reading. A student won’t really be competent if he doesn’t know how to read, write and spell the sounds of English.

What was needed was a reading program that would define phonic basics so any child could understand them; a program that would define the ways a sound can be spelled so any child could spell well; a program that would maintain proven methods such as adequate drilling. And perhaps most importantly, a program all caring teachers could use to make all students good readers.

Amazingly, in 2006 a team of educators at Applied Scholastics International created such a reading program. And by the next year Applied Scholastics Academies around the nation began delivering it.

Sunny Jensen, director of Applied Scholastics Academy of the Valley in California, said, “With this reading program every student in my entire school is reading at or far above grade level. Students who were struggling with reading when they first enrolled are now whizzing along. It’s hard to put in words how happy this makes students and parents.”

In truth, if the Applied Scholastics™ Reading Program were to be implemented in the majority of schools in the nation, illiteracy would be wiped out within a generation.



  • How to Use a Pencil
  • Tracing
  • What is Reading & Writing?
Reading, Writing and Spelling – Combined! Writing the words makes the student more involved, not just an observer Letter Teams
  • Each letter has its own defnition
  • Full comprehension of each letter precedes reading
  • “Letter team” comprehension also precede reading
  • All letter sounds are taught (eg. th, ch, ph)
  • 70 stories that use only reviewed words and sounds
  • Reading aloud is no problem for any student and all words are known
  • All stories are uplifting

Higher Level Reading
  • Level One students are not taught every word, but still are able to sound out every word
  • Drilling provides the key to certainty
Handwriting Workbooks teach the writing of letter shapes Flashcards
  • For every letter or letter “team”
  • Word cards for all words Reviews Instead of tests, reviews to assess if a student lacks any knowledge or skills. If so, they can be readily remedied Teacher’s Manuals Time requirements and specific lesson plans ensure course completion

    Additional Materials
    • CD with letter sounds
    • CD study guide
    • Coloring pages
    • Sheets of letters for spelling games
    • Reading Log to mark each story read
    • Teacher progress sheet
    • Student progress sheet
    For Tutoring First determine whether or not a student can read at Level 4. If not use Level 3 or below. Summary
    • Students learn to read faster and with more certainty using this method
    • All steps are tracked so none are omitted
    • Workbooks highlight student problems and skipped sections so they can be rectified
    • Comprehending each and every element is a new concept and not duplicated in competing phonics course offerings


    "My teachers and students LOVE this program and the teachers SWEAR by the results." Barbie Rivera, Director H.E.L.P. Miami (A school that consistently brings "learning disabled students" up to grade level and beyond.)

    "I am tutoring a 5th-grader who was reading at a grade 2.5 level. As part of his retraining to read, he has read aloud the stories from Levels One and Two and we are now starting Level Three. Your phonics books have provided excellent practice for him, giving him more confidence and comfort with reading. I am thankful to have these resources available. The content is tailor-made for any student reading level, regardless of age.." — E.A., Tutor

    "I am happy I completed this course. I had the chance to practice all the sounds of the letters and know what letters have more than one sound. That will help me spell and be able to read better." — R.M., Student

    "This program is by far the best program I have ever used to teach reading, phonics, spelling and basic grammar. It is very easy to follow and is very effective at developing fundamentals needed to be truly successful at reading and spelling." J.P., Teacher

  • Kindergarten Phonics teachers material
    Kindergarten Phonics teachers material

    teachers manual vol 1-3, alphabet & word flash cards

    Click to enlarge
    Applied Scholastics Phonics program Grade 4 Teachers Manual with CDs & Flash Cards

    This level can be used to handle any literate student or adult who still has phonics difficulties.

    Applied Scholastics Phonics program Grade 4 Student Workbook

    Kindergarten Storybook set
    Kindergarten Storybook set

  • Volume 1: Cat
  • Volume 2: Pet
  • Volume 3: Kids(1)
  • Volume 4: Kids(2)
  • Volume 5: Kids(3)

  • Kindergarten Workbooks

    Beginning Handwriting


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